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4 ways to control your costs to increase your profits

Packing and shipping can take a huge bite out of your bottom line. At Acutrack, we provide the services that control your costs and keep your money in your pocket.

Understanding shipping costs

An abandoned cart means you've lost a sale. One of the chief reasons potential customers don't complete a purchase is unexpected shipping charges. By understanding how to minimize sticker shock, you can keep your shoppers' fingers hitting the "Submit" button.

The location of your distributor is vital. UPS, FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) all base their prices on the distance they have to transport a package. By shipping from a zone as near to your customers' zones as possible, you lower your costs.

Acutrack can help. We have eastern and western fulfillment facilities to position your packages for lower regional rates.

Optimizing packaging

Packaging makes a significant difference in your costs and customer satisfaction. The USPS has recently joined other carriers in applying dimensional pricing. Packaging that not only weighs less but takes up less space in a truck will ship more affordably.

Increased rates apply mainly to parcels measuring more than one cubic foot, but you can minimize charges across a range of sizes and weights. If a product can fit into a flat-rate box, it will not only cut your overhead but also make it more predictable.

Your customers don't just want cheaper shipping; they want their merchandise to arrive in pristine condition. Returns of damaged goods cost you money and future sales.

As a service-centered fulfillment house, Acutrack will use the precise amount of packing materials necessary to protect your items without unnecessarily impacting your bottom line. From shrink wrap to retail boxes, we'll provide what it takes to get your products safely and promptly to sales outlets and consumers.

Reducing storage requirements

Poor inventory management is a significant bottleneck to filling orders effectively. You need a fulfillment house with an inventory system that seamlessly serves your customers without excessive warehousing costs.

Acutrack to the rescue. With our location-based inventory system, we can quickly identify and ship your items. For priority orders, our system puts out an alert for rapid turnaround.

We also ensure that you never come up short. If your inventory falls below a minimum, we'll let you know, allowing you to replenish it according to your sales forecasts. We can handle large orders and bundle small ones, cutting your costs even further.

Finding your fulfillment

The right fulfillment house will work with you to rein in your costs. Acutrack is a reliable partner with a proven track record. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

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