Independent movie production is comprised of a vast array of artists on every level from the lone director on a shoestring budget to the mini-major studios working with "small" budgets of fewer than ten million dollars. Throughout that spectrum of film makers there are common goals. The producers of most indie flix will admit to wanting to reach the broadest audience even when they know a substantial lose of profits are associated with broadcasting. Given that independent movie production is a business, there is always someone watching the bottom line, even if it is not the director. That person needs to leverage every tool available to them to reach that audience. A short-run duplication order of screener DVDs is usually high on the list of budget items. Once the average indie flix producer has wrapped production, it is time to start to court the film festivals, judges, distributors, and financiers. This is not the place skimp since the screeners DVDs often represent your first impression.

Get Small Quantities of Blu-ray duplicates simply and easily

Blu-ray duplication is often thought to be very hard or even impossible. Blu-ray duplication is not widely popular and the format is not yet the major player in the home media market. That said, Blu-ray is at the high end and in the realm of early adapters who are normally first to go for duplication technologies as was evidenced in the adoption patterns of the CD and standard DVD fomrat.

While Blu-ray duplication isn't as simple as duplicating a standard DVD, it is by no means impossible and it can be done. The barrier to blu-ray duplication for most is the fact that Blu-ray duplication requires the use of Advanced Access Content System (AACS). AACS is the technology devised by the Blu-ray standards body that is intended to prevent the illegal duplication of Blu-ray disks. When manufacturers duplicate large quantities of original content on Blu-ray, they are required to license the AACS encoding technology and pay royalties associated with its use.

The latest news, as told by DM NEws, is that the proposed merger between Vertis Communications and American Color Graphics is back on, after the two printers announced plans to merge last summer, and then the deal fell apart in September.  Apparently their mutual goal is to better address the advertising insert and pre-media services marketplace by enriching their print capabilities and offering a wide range of pre-media and workflow solutions.

Which brings us to the fact that as Acutrack has focused quite a bit in the last couple of years on our on demand CD and DVD replication model. However, we have always been doing the basics, assisting our clients with print production, design, and fulfillment. Now we are seeing a nice combination of online and traditional marketing tactics that will continue to flourish as marketers get a better handle on measurement and metrics for results both online and offline. This leaves room for tweaking campaigns and improved results.

The big issue affecting all sectors of the entertainment and media industry is maintaining control of content and audiences. The days are gone when television and radio programmers held captive audiences. Today's consumers demand control over what they watch, listen to and read, and trends are indicating that more and more people are doing it online.

It appears as if people back in the late eighteen hundreds were thinking about the environment, as this poster demonstrated. Today more and more companies are seriously doing something to accommodate the Green Movement towards leaving behind a smaller footprint. It’s simply not possible to continue with business as usual and not take into consideration how their business practices are affecting our environment. For companies who are in the business of putting out a CD or DVD-based product, there are even more issues that must be addressed compared to that of a service-only business. In fact we even have produced a podcast on the topic of Eco-Friendly DVD Production.\

Acutrack has been helping its clients ease the burdens they are placing on the world we live in a number of ways, including manufacture their CDs and DVDs in more environmentally friendly ways.

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