Weddings are a once in a lifetime event. This is why it is important to document everything from the bride and groom getting ready, to the actual ceremony, and even to the reception and aftermath. There are many different ways to go about this. A person could have a loved one use their camcorder to document the event or one could really invest in professional services to ensure that a proper production DVD is created. Today, technology is constantly changing. There are many tools in place to ensure that high definition movies can be converted into a short run Blue-ray disc. This means one’s wedding can be documented in the best way possible and will provide people with many years of memories. Who doesn’t want to show such a disc to their children or grandchildren? Having the right technology and working with the right professionals ensures that short run DVD duplication and DVD authoring services are provided.

Film distributors in these in-between-format days have a unique pickle on their hands. While many Americans have already made the switch over to newer Blu-ray players and discs, many others are hesitant to leave their DVD collections behind due to the larger selection and relatively low cost of discs produced in this format. Distributors want to ride the wave of the future, but at the same time do not wish to alienate those consumers who are still buying largely on DVD. At first, for people unimpressed by flashy technology, the benefits of owning Blu-ray discs can be unclear, especially when DVDs seem to be as readily available as ever. Distributors, however, are straddling the fence and giving consumers the best of both worlds: a combination DVD/Blu-ray package that gives them the safety of their preferred format while allowing them to get their feet wet with the newer technology. Blu-ray authoring and Bd replication services can help even smaller distributors offer this combination package to consumers.


Standard DVD technology has been around long enough to see home user gain the ability easily produce a decent home movie, slide show, or data backup. The same cannot be said for the blu-ray authoring process. Blu-ray discs, with their 25GB-50GB of storage capacity, offer a completely new experience to the end user, and require an enhanced set of skills to take advantage of what they have to offer.

Blu-ray authoring affords the producer the opportunity to present over 9 hours of 1080p high-definition video. The presentation of that data holds an almost infinite number of choices to be made along the way in the authoring process. Unlike standard DVD technology, Blu-ray authoring goes beyond simple scenes, chapters, and static bonus features. With Blu-ray, you have the ability to introduce custom pop-ups and features like slide shows with uninterrupted soundtracks. Consumers who have upgraded from standard DVD to Bluray are specifically looking for the features that go beyond what they are used to seeing on standard DVD.

Know Your Strengths

Each software company has its strengths. Rarely is one of them software assembly. When the software product life cycle has gone from brainstorming to approve release, the next step is crucial. Simply stated, software assembly should not be an afterthought. Collaborating with a service provider with the experience and knowledge to assemble software and deliver on terms is key to providing a winning product.

Manage Your Supply Chain

There is ample room for missed opportunity in the supply chain. There is a long list of timing considerations when it comes to marketing your product and meeting a release street date. Do not drop the ball when it comes to your software packaging. Any partner chosen to assemble software for your business should understand supply chain management and have the resources available to do so without causing you headaches or hassles.

Imagine you have the hottest creative property in your niche and an eager fan base just clamoring to open their wallets and share in the experience. Now imagine having to sign away half of the profits just to bring the product to market. That last part can take the wind out of your sales if you allow it to happen to you. With on demand DVD production you can meet your market, no matter how big or small, while managing to stay within your budget. In the entertainment business there is no shortage of stories about the next big thing missing the mark. In addition, for each of those stories, there is another equally compelling story of the little guy hitting the jackpot when nobody expected him to make much of a splash.

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