Five Advantages You Can Gain From Product Fulfillment Services

Product fulfillment services offer to make the shipping and ordering processes easier and let you focus on your product development and product marketing. Fulfillment services have been gaining popularity due to the growing number of successful crowd funded ventures on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. A good fulfillment partner can help you grow and this could be the most important decision of your start up.

Product Fulfillment services
The following are the main advantages of having a product fulfillment service.
  • Reduces storage and processing costs: One of the main benefits of using a product fulfillment service is that it saves on storage costs. You need not invest large amounts of money in renting warehouses or purchasing software, equipment, personnel and other such services for your products. You can continue to run your operation from home, or incubator office space.
  • Reduces shipping costs: Although it generally depends upon number of variables such as package type, shipping destination and your business volume - you know a good fulfillment service provider will guide with the best shipping method, help you save shipping cost. They are also experts in distribution so you need not search for the cheapest or best shipping option on your own.
  • Saves time: The reduced focus on mundane tasks means that you have the time and energy to focus on the important aspects of your business. It will help you focus on your product development, sales & marketing and business strategy. As a result, your business will have a higher chance of increasing its revenue. Most importantly, a fulfillment service provide has the resources and trained personnel to get things done fast.
  • Improves efficiency: The professionalism of product fulfillment services makes your packaging and distribution channel streamlined and efficient. Your inventory can be quickly and reliably packaged, shipped and delivered without requiring you to pay close attention to the details. You don’t have to worry about maintaining inventory of boxes, or other supplies.
  • Gives you access to professional and latest technology: Product fulfillment service providers have access to the best software, equipment and professional personnel for packaging and shipping. Such services can prove to be costly if you invest in them individually. Even when you have purchased the equipment and software, you will need to find the right person who is capable of working with it. A simple mistake could cost you in return shipments and expensive postage.

Companies that go in for product fulfillment services are able to leverage the advantages given above to save money, time and the effort of streamlining these processes. Such a decision gives them a significant advantage over their competitors and helps them build a more sustainable, long-term business.


Digital Publishing is a Savior When it Comes to Publishing Your Book

Technology has completely revolutionized the concept of publishing books. As a publisher, you can now sell eBooks or even a combination of POD (print on demand) and e-books to your customers. There are multiple benefits of opting for digital printing in today’s tech-savvy world. Here are some:

Digital Publishing
  • Your Book Will Actually Get Published: Traditional publishers are increasingly becoming reluctant about publishing books that are written for a niche market or those by authors who are not established. So it is becoming difficult to get your book published in the conventional way. Digital publishing solves this problem by giving you an easy option to reach out to your target audience!
  • Quick and Easy Publishing: eBook publishing is actually quite quick and easy. It is possible to publish your book on your own. Or you could get in touch with a good eBook publisher. When doing it on your own, you simply have to convert the final manuscript to a PDF file and put it on your website for sale. Remember to copyright the book. It is an easy process which can be accomplished online.
  • eBooks are the New Way of Reading: An increasing number of readers are now opting for eBooks. The fact that credible online booksellers such as and are selling a decent collection of eBooks is an indicator of their growing popularity. In fact, recently, Google also launched ‘Google eBooks’ to cater to the tech-savvy reading audience.
  • Digital Publishing is Inexpensive: Did you know that whether you are publishing the eBook on your website or via a company such as Smashwords, it would cost you absolutely no money? Isn’t that great? However, it is important to note that publishing companies do take a certain cut from your eBook sales.
  • Free Social Media Promotion: With an eBook, you can easily advertise and market your content for free on different social media platforms. You can enhance your reach by posting a link to your eBook on your social media accounts.
  • Update your eBook anytime: One of the most important advantages of digital publishing, especially for non-fiction books, is that you have the option to update and revise the content anytime. The information in your eBook might become redundant over a period of time and lose its relevance. So you can revise the eBook with fresh content or edit the already stated facts easily

Here is an Easy Guide Before Publishing Your Book

Being an author requires a much more diverse skill set than what most people imagine. Apart from writing well, you need to be able to predict who your target audience is, what kind of language will be suitable for them, and how to find the right publishers for your book, apart from other skills. Once you have written a detailed manuscript, you will need to follow the steps given below to publish your book.

On Demand Publishing
  • Do not rush the process: It will take a considerable amount of your time and effort in creating a good book. Instead of focusing on the publishing process, try to improve the quality of your work to the best possible level. You will need to determine the genre of your work, so make sure that the style of writing suits the type of content. If you are writing a work of fiction, you need to ensure that they have the best version of their manuscript before they approach an editor or an agent. For non-fiction work, on the other hand, you need to write a book proposal that can be used to convince a publisher to pay you for writing the book.
  • Assess the commercial value of the book: Not every book is suitable to be published by the biggest traditional publishers like HarperCollins, Penguin etc., as they generally support books which can sell tens of thousands of copies. To find out what kind of books are suitable for the big publishers, do some research on the books which are sold by them. Genre fiction, commercial fiction or nonfiction books which have a strong concept are generally considered by large publishing houses.
  • Find the right agents and publishers: Most of the books that get accepted by a large publishing house have had the help of an agent who is an expert in the publishing industry. They will be able to tell you what an editor or publisher will look for in a book, dramatically increasing the chances of your work being bought by a particular publisher. Also, each publisher will have certain unique requirements and guidelines which you will need to follow while submitting your work.

Some writers may choose to self-publish their books using book printing services to get rid of the long process of submission associated with any large publishing firm. Although this requires a huge amount of effort dedicated towards marketing and promotion, self-publication helps you save your time and money. Services like digital printing, book binding and on demand publishing help self-publishing writers print their work. Most will find it harder to do than finding an agent or a publisher, yet it is a great option for those who want complete control over their work.


How can Your Business Benefit from Customized T-shirts?

There are plenty of T shirt fulfillment companies online offering customized T-shirts which you can order in bulk for your business. When you compare the price of these T-shirts to the cost of the other advertising and marketing products, you will find that they are relatively cheap. Yet, there are many ways that your business can benefit by using your own, customized T-shirts.

T shirt fulfillment companies
  • Freedom of expression: Digital Tshirt printing can become the canvas to your imagination. You can images, quotes, adages, personal messages, names and almost any thing else that can be printed, to promote your brand. You have control over the text size, color, style and all other parameters so that you can create a T-shirt which evokes a particular reaction from the people who see it. You can use this opportunity to have your employees create custom T-shirts for themselves which communicate their own ideology. Personalizing the T-shirt is one of the best ways to win customers, employees and fans who will readily wear the clothing to promote your brand.
  • Brand exposure: People who travel a lot and meet new people, will end up promoting your business in a huge way. One of the earliest brands to have realized this benefit was Pepsi, who now spend a considerable amount of money to create custom T-shirts for their marketing campaigns, contests and sponsored events. These products can be used as prizes for loyal customers, instantly making them a brand ambassador and a campaigner for your business. You may even use the T-shirts to let people know about the principles of your business, your catchphrase, the competitions or events you sponsor and the causes you support as a company.
  • Years of use: Good quality T-shirts can be used for many years, providing continuous brand advertising and promotion service until it cannot be used further. Compared to other advertising and marketing products, customized T-shirts have the ability to last much longer for an affordable price. The effectiveness of this strategy is when you have customers or employees who happen to travel and meet new groups of people regularly.

Getting customized T-shirts is a quick and easy process, and the wholesale t shirt fulfillment services are generally set at reasonable prices. Use the opportunity to the advantage of your business and purchase your own set of stylish and useful promotional products. In fact, you can create T-shirts which are aimed at your target demographic by creating T-shirts specially for certain age groups.


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