Our advise in choosing the right T-Shirt for your marketing

Before you place an order for a custom printed T-shirt, you need to choose the brand and style which is right for you. The extensive collection may seem confusing and overwhelming and we hope this blog will shed some light. This blog will educate and give you perspective on key elements so you are well prepared to choose the brand and style for your custom printed T-shirt based on your budget and preference. In my opinion, the following items will help you choose the right brand.

Custom printed T-shirts
  • Regular Cotton versus Ringspun Cotton
    It is not enough to say that you want cotton shirts for your custom printed t-shirts. While all t-shirts claim to be 100% cotton, it makes a huge difference on how the cotton is weaved.  You must check whether a shirt is made with regular cotton or Ring-spun cotton. Regular Cotton is most inexpensive and good option for novelty tees, business promotion, team shirts etc. These 100% regular cotton shirts pre-shrunk but still known to shrink a little after washing. Regular cotton shirts are soft vegetable fibers that are twisted together to make yarn, which is then woven to make the cotton material. Gildan, Hanes and Fruit of the loom are the major provider of the regular cotton t-shirts. Ring-spun garments have a completely different manufacturing process - yarn is made by twisting and thinning the cotton strands which makes stronger and fine cotton shirt. Ring-spun cotton shirts are durable, and last longer but more expensive. Your audience will appreciate the high-end feel and these shirts do not shrink at all. American Apparel, Anvil, Bella + Canvas are the examples of Ring-spun cotton garments.
  • Organic and Made in USA
    Organic shirts are made from 100% USDA Certified Organic and pesticide-free cotton. The cotton is grown without the use of pesticides or Fungicides and instead use beneficial insects, crop rotation or compost to build soil quality and protect the air and water.  A organic shirt uses low-impact dyeing process which eliminates chemical waste, least amount of water which in turn provide innumerable environmental and health benefits. Choosing an organic shirt is a matter of personal preference. By Choosing organic, you are respecting the planet and saying no the pollution of the soil, water and air with chemicals and pesticides.  Not all organic shirts are made in USA.  Anvil 420 and all American Apparel shirts are most popular options for organic t-shirts as well as made in USA.  Custom printed t-shirt of American Apparel or Anvil organic will sure be appreciated by your team.
  • Tagless versus with Tag
    You have the option to go with tagless shirts and place your brand to inside tag. In this process, we procure shirts where it gives us the option to remove the tag, and print your logo and artwork inside the tag. This makes the shirt recognizable 100% to your company. This marketing strategy limits you with certain brand who specialize in making tagless shirts and additional cost for printing inside tag. Hanes Beefy T-shirt is a good quality ring-spun cotton tagless shirt. It is soft premium quality shirt.

For your next order of custom printed T-shirt, let Acutrack team help you pick the right garment for your project.



USB fulfillment - an ideal offering in conjunction with digital distribution

If you are selling software or training videos, then you are probably using digital download distribution. Digital download allows for global reach, is inexpensive to deploy, and gives you flexibility to offer the latest version of your product.  However, digital download has its shortcomings.  If the content size is too large or if the end-user has limited or no internet connectivity and in these situations you have lost out on potential revenue.  Most importantly, digital download does not allow for brand placement on a physical product. Acutrack’s back up disc on demand CD/DVD fulfillment has been an ideal solution, offering a physical product in conjunction with the digital download.  However, having recognized the predominance of drive-less computers in the market, Acutrack is now launching USB flash drive on demand fulfillment as an extension of our back up disc service.


USB Flash drive fulfillment has the same key elements as our proven CD/DVD backups:

  • Zero failure in the field These USB flash drives aren’t marketing give away they have valuable content which the end-users has paid for. To attain this goal, we use the highest quality USB both in terms of flash components and material to assemble them. Once the data is pre-loaded, we run another verification step to ensure every bit is error free.
  • Make Content Non-erasable Just like CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, we make USB-ROM.  It has been our goal that your content is always available and doesn’t get accidentally erased. To achieve this goal, the data pre-loaded service locks the content on USB.  You can rest assured that there is not going to be a support issue where you get a complaint that the USB flash drive is blank or does not work.
  • Cost effective Mailing Our 1 oz. eco friendly package to carry USB flash drive has been approved by USPS for first class letter mailing. This gives you a great advantage to mail this package domestically and internationally using USPS First class mailing in a very cost effective manner.
  • Your brand We understand the importance of your brand. Each USB can be customized with your logo or artwork on both sides. In addition to USB, you have the ability to send a printed card with a message and any variable information.

In a nutshell, our USB Flash drive on demand is a perfect solution to be offered with digital distribution. It helps you increase your revenue by offering content on USB, increase brand awareness, and increase customer satisfaction while maintaining the same appeal of worldwide distribution and zero hassle of inventory.


Acutrack has been a part of many crowdfunding projects because our services are a natural fit. You need a partner who is an expert in giving advice on the right rewards, offers tools and technology to automate the fulfillment process, and most importantly, build a partnership as your business needs grow. Acutrack brings a wealth of resources, expertise, an experienced team, and agility. We use our technology to bring ease of integration so you can manage your fulfillment business from your desktop or mobile device. We also provide the flexibility of having a dedicated project manager and expertise of our team available 24x7. Acutrack also brings some exciting on demand production and fulfillment solution that gives crowd funders the ability to produce rewards on CD, DVDs, USB Flash drives or books on demand. This makes our overall fulfillment offering unique.

Acutrack brings a wealth of resources, expertise, an experienced team, and agility.  We use our technology to bring ease of integration so you can manage your fulfillment business from your desktop or mobile device.  We also provide the flexibility of having a dedicated project manager and expertise of our team available 24x7.  Acutrack also brings some exciting on demand production and fulfillment solution that gives crowd funders the ability to produce rewards on CD, DVDs, USB Flash drives or books on demand.  This makes our overall fulfillment offering unique.

  • Packaging The Right Way We bring a wealth of expertise in packaging. This may sound very simple but very critical. Packaging can help keep the products safe when mailing. Also, the overall size and material impacts the total weight which can end up saving thousands of dollars in postage or shipping cost. Packaging can help with your branding with the look, feel and materials used.  This process should be begin before the start of the campaign so you have enough money planned for packaging and fulfillment. The Acutrack team will help review these details at no cost to you.
  • Choosing The Right Shopping Cart It is important that your order posting from your shopping cart are automated for fulfillment.  The Acutrack technical team has already integrated with dozens of eCommerce platforms and we continue to add more to our growing list. Click here to look through our eCommerce partner list.It is important to find the right eCommerce platform that matches your business needs and Acutrack gives you a large list of integrations to choose from.  We can also provide custom integration options.
  • Planning The Acutrack team plays an important part in helping you plan.  We can help you select the right rewards, right packaging, right eCommerce partner, shipping options, and keep your overall project on time and within budget. We become an extension  and resource for your business.  When you have a question related to packaging, shipping or fulfillment, we are always there as your consultant and advisor without any charges or contracts.
  • Online Web Portal In addition to integrating with your shopping cart, we also give you a full online web access to our Customer portal.  Acutrack’s modern online web portal gives you online web access to manage all aspects of your orders, inventory, order, and invoice management. You may want to fulfill a product to a trade show, send a sample, or sell in Amazon marketplace or choose to track a shipment or inventory.  Our online portal gives you full visibility and history to manage your business.
  • Just In Time Production Acutrack offers technology driven manufacturing and fulfillment solution to fulfill CD/DVD and USB Flash Drives on demand.  Depending on your business needs, we also have some exciting books on demand or POD business solution. These are ideal as there is no inventory to forecast.
  • Customized & Branded Reward Supplier T-shirts, posters, books, bottles, we have some clever list of rewards ideas!  Our custom printed T-shirts deploy both silk-screen or direct to garment and offers you a wide range of choices.  We can take care of suggesting, procuring and fulfilling the rewards for you.
  • Acutrack is the Right Partner Acutrack is a technology focused and experienced team making us an ideal partner for your fulfillment needs.  We have been in business for 22+ years and are in close proximity to major ports.  We will will help drive your project to success with our flexibility, creativity, and dedication to customer service.

Making a right choice of bindery for your book is very important. You have worked hard to create content of your book and it is important that it meets your vision.

Perfect-Bound Binding
Many annual reports and larger catalogs use this binding method. Here, pages are assembled in groups or signatures, and bound together with flexible adhesive, then covered. Perfect binding accommodates books approximately 1/8-inch to 2-inch in thickness. This is a perfect for magazine or softcover books. You can refer to Perfect Bind Calculator to measure the size of the spines and number of pages.

Advantages: Accommodates greater number of pages and higher page weights than saddle-stitch; accommodates multiple sheet weights and sizes; allows intermix of stocks; provides clean finished edge.

Disadvantages: After pages are collected into signatures, the binding edge is ground off to improve adhesion. That, along with a three-knife trim, takes approximately 1/8-inch from each side of a document. Do not lie flat; crossover images and type may be partially hidden by the binding edge

Saddle wire stitch
The saddle wire stitch allows the book to lie flat for reading ease. It can be bound with either a self-cover, or a separate cover. It is the most economical solution. Our saddle-stitched machine is capable to produce up to 200 page book by creating a square edge spine.

Advantages: The saddle wire stitch allows the book to lie flat for reading ease. It can be bound with either a self-cover, or a separate cover. It is the most economical.

Disadvantage: The page count must be divisible by four. This restricts the number of pages. It is the least flexible of all binding options.

Wire-O is a mechanical binding in which pages and cover are held together by a plastic coil.  This mechanical binding allows their contents to open wide and lie perfectly flat.  Wire-0 can be used as few as 5-10 pages to 2” thick coil. It is ideal for instructional books that need to be laid flat.

Advantages: Lies flat; pages can be removed without deletion; adaptable to different paper types; offers singe-sheet insertion for flexible page count; bindings come in a wide variety of colors.

Disadvantages: Greater expense; can detract from project aesthetics.


E-commerce fulfillment integration is simply the process of receiving direct to consumer orders from an online web store and packaging and shipping each order directly to the customer's address. Although it sounds simple in theory, it requires a unique type of fulfillment company to successfully manage the intricacies of integrating with a multitude of online shopping carts (click here to view a comprehensive list of all shopping carts that Acutrack integrates with), as well a superior company that has experience with managing small parcel (shipping oftentimes with dramatic cyclical swings) and the ability to meet quick transit time requirements of the ever evolving online consumer. We outline the process from start to finish below, so that you can familiarize yourself with each step in order.



Integrate Your Shopping Cart with the Fulfillment Company's Warehouse Management System

One of the most critical steps in a successful e-commerce fulfillment program is to integrate your online shopping cart with the fulfillment company's warehouse management system. This is how information will be communicated between your company and your logistics provider – including order information, inventory information, and order tracking data. Companies that have specific experience with ecommerce fulfillment will likely either have a pre-existing integration with your shopping cart (especially if you use a popular shopping cart), or they will offer to custom program a link between your cart and their system. For the non-technical person, this 'link' is essentially a set of computer programming code that sends the data back and forth between the two systems. Usually, the information is sent back and forth either in 'real-time' or at set intervals, otherwise referred to as 'batch' processing. The benefit of real-time information is that it is delivered quickly, which minimizes the order fulfillment process. However, batch processing allows you a little bit of a lag time which can be especially helpful if you have multiple change requests on orders. Companies that aren't specialists in ecommerce fulfillment operations will likely not have a real time or batch order processing procedure, and instead will likely require you to send orders via email, fax, or other manual methods. This is not ideal for fulfillment of web orders since they are more prone to errors.

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