Digital Publishing is a Savior When it Comes to Publishing Your Book

Technology has completely revolutionized the concept of publishing books. As a publisher, you can now sell eBooks or even a combination of POD (print on demand) and e-books to your customers. There are multiple benefits of opting for digital printing in today’s tech-savvy world. Here are some:

Digital Publishing
  • Your Book Will Actually Get Published: Traditional publishers are increasingly becoming reluctant about publishing books that are written for a niche market or those by authors who are not established. So it is becoming difficult to get your book published in the conventional way. Digital publishing solves this problem by giving you an easy option to reach out to your target audience!
  • Quick and Easy Publishing: eBook publishing is actually quite quick and easy. It is possible to publish your book on your own. Or you could get in touch with a good eBook publisher. When doing it on your own, you simply have to convert the final manuscript to a PDF file and put it on your website for sale. Remember to copyright the book. It is an easy process which can be accomplished online.
  • eBooks are the New Way of Reading: An increasing number of readers are now opting for eBooks. The fact that credible online booksellers such as and are selling a decent collection of eBooks is an indicator of their growing popularity. In fact, recently, Google also launched ‘Google eBooks’ to cater to the tech-savvy reading audience.
  • Digital Publishing is Inexpensive: Did you know that whether you are publishing the eBook on your website or via a company such as Smashwords, it would cost you absolutely no money? Isn’t that great? However, it is important to note that publishing companies do take a certain cut from your eBook sales.
  • Free Social Media Promotion: With an eBook, you can easily advertise and market your content for free on different social media platforms. You can enhance your reach by posting a link to your eBook on your social media accounts.
  • Update your eBook anytime: One of the most important advantages of digital publishing, especially for non-fiction books, is that you have the option to update and revise the content anytime. The information in your eBook might become redundant over a period of time and lose its relevance. So you can revise the eBook with fresh content or edit the already stated facts easily

Here is an Easy Guide Before Publishing Your Book

Being an author requires a much more diverse skill set than what most people imagine. Apart from writing well, you need to be able to predict who your target audience is, what kind of language will be suitable for them, and how to find the right publishers for your book, apart from other skills. Once you have written a detailed manuscript, you will need to follow the steps given below to publish your book.

On Demand Publishing
  • Do not rush the process: It will take a considerable amount of your time and effort in creating a good book. Instead of focusing on the publishing process, try to improve the quality of your work to the best possible level. You will need to determine the genre of your work, so make sure that the style of writing suits the type of content. If you are writing a work of fiction, you need to ensure that they have the best version of their manuscript before they approach an editor or an agent. For non-fiction work, on the other hand, you need to write a book proposal that can be used to convince a publisher to pay you for writing the book.
  • Assess the commercial value of the book: Not every book is suitable to be published by the biggest traditional publishers like HarperCollins, Penguin etc., as they generally support books which can sell tens of thousands of copies. To find out what kind of books are suitable for the big publishers, do some research on the books which are sold by them. Genre fiction, commercial fiction or nonfiction books which have a strong concept are generally considered by large publishing houses.
  • Find the right agents and publishers: Most of the books that get accepted by a large publishing house have had the help of an agent who is an expert in the publishing industry. They will be able to tell you what an editor or publisher will look for in a book, dramatically increasing the chances of your work being bought by a particular publisher. Also, each publisher will have certain unique requirements and guidelines which you will need to follow while submitting your work.

Some writers may choose to self-publish their books using book printing services to get rid of the long process of submission associated with any large publishing firm. Although this requires a huge amount of effort dedicated towards marketing and promotion, self-publication helps you save your time and money. Services like digital printing, book binding and on demand publishing help self-publishing writers print their work. Most will find it harder to do than finding an agent or a publisher, yet it is a great option for those who want complete control over their work.


How can Your Business Benefit from Customized T-shirts?

There are plenty of T shirt fulfillment companies online offering customized T-shirts which you can order in bulk for your business. When you compare the price of these T-shirts to the cost of the other advertising and marketing products, you will find that they are relatively cheap. Yet, there are many ways that your business can benefit by using your own, customized T-shirts.

T shirt fulfillment companies
  • Freedom of expression: Digital Tshirt printing can become the canvas to your imagination. You can images, quotes, adages, personal messages, names and almost any thing else that can be printed, to promote your brand. You have control over the text size, color, style and all other parameters so that you can create a T-shirt which evokes a particular reaction from the people who see it. You can use this opportunity to have your employees create custom T-shirts for themselves which communicate their own ideology. Personalizing the T-shirt is one of the best ways to win customers, employees and fans who will readily wear the clothing to promote your brand.
  • Brand exposure: People who travel a lot and meet new people, will end up promoting your business in a huge way. One of the earliest brands to have realized this benefit was Pepsi, who now spend a considerable amount of money to create custom T-shirts for their marketing campaigns, contests and sponsored events. These products can be used as prizes for loyal customers, instantly making them a brand ambassador and a campaigner for your business. You may even use the T-shirts to let people know about the principles of your business, your catchphrase, the competitions or events you sponsor and the causes you support as a company.
  • Years of use: Good quality T-shirts can be used for many years, providing continuous brand advertising and promotion service until it cannot be used further. Compared to other advertising and marketing products, customized T-shirts have the ability to last much longer for an affordable price. The effectiveness of this strategy is when you have customers or employees who happen to travel and meet new groups of people regularly.

Getting customized T-shirts is a quick and easy process, and the wholesale t shirt fulfillment services are generally set at reasonable prices. Use the opportunity to the advantage of your business and purchase your own set of stylish and useful promotional products. In fact, you can create T-shirts which are aimed at your target demographic by creating T-shirts specially for certain age groups.


Custom Printed Polo Shirts for your team

Custom Printed Polo ShirtsCustom Printed Polo shirts are a popular choice of garment and now the largest category of apparel besides t-shirts.  Polo shirts are associated with more formal or sporty chic look compared to casual T-shirts.  Today, there are thousands of polo shirt styles on the market and it can be very confusing as to which style of polo shirt is best for your needs.  Just like T-shirts, Polos come in many varieties to choose and cost depends on the fabric type, the variation in cut, and most importantly the brand. Custom Printed Polos can be embroidered or silk-screen with your logo. This blog is designed to help you choose the right polo shirt for your project.

  • Choice of fabric

    Polo shirts are now available in many different fabric options  from cotton, polyester or Poly/Cotton blend or polyester microfiber.

    Cotton Polo Shirts: Cotton is preferred as soft, breathable fabric. Cotton is a natural fibre, good for those who have allergies or find less absorbent fabrics a problem.  Cotton is a good choice for those who prefer natural fabrics and comes in a variety of weights. Weather and activity can be factored into the choice and you also have a choice of organic cotton.  Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides. American Apparel's 100% 2412 and PQ412 unisex organic polo shirts are excellent choices. Port & Company, Gildan, Hanes,  and Jerzees are known for low end cotton shirts.  KP150 from Port & Company is a good quality low end of Polo cotton shirt.

    Polyester Polo Shirts: Polyester fibre is a synthetic fiber which is constructed of long-chain polymer of esters which are water and stain resistant, chemical resistant and return swiftly to their original shape when stretched or compressed. This produces a high strength fabric that resists warping, shrinking and creasing. In spite of these advantages, 100% synthetic polyester fabric lacks absorption, which can lead to odor. Polyester fibre shirts are a choice for those who are looking for a durable fabric. Core 365 (comes in men's and women's versions) is a good choice for Polyester Polo shirts.

    Poly/Cotton Polo Shirts:  Poly/Cotton fabrics combine the advantages of polyester and cotton to create a durable, crease-resistant fabric with good absorption qualities and requiring less laundering. Poly/Cotton polo shirts are the ideal choice for school uniforms or corporate polo shirts as they offer the optimum blend of comfort  and blended cotton increase durability and stain resistance at a low price point. These are the most commonly found polo shirts on the market.  If you are on a budget, Port Authority's K455, K500 or Gildan's G880 are excellent choice for low end poly-cotton.  Harriton M265 is a mid-range & DG200 from Devon & Jones is an high end choice.

    Performance Polo shirts made from polyester microfiber: In the golf apparel industry, polo shirts are often made from polyester microfiber a material designed to make the shirts lighter than other fabrics such as 100% cotton. Performance polos are made with athletes in mind. They offer odor reduction by adding silver to the material, or they come with UV protection. They are usually made from a lightweight synthetics or blends. Depending on the marketing budget of the company and the brand reputation, the price will vary. These shirts are really only meant to be worn on the golf course or when you exercise but not anywhere else. Harriton M355 is a low end and Nike Golf (Dri-FIT Micro Pique Polo 363807) is a high end choice.

  • Wear your Polo shirt fitted

    Most mid to high end Polo shirts comes are designed differently for men and women.  Unlike the casual T-shirts, Polo shirts are meant to be worn fitted. The cut and seams are designed differently for men and women. It is important that you review the size and design for the brand and order appropriate garments for your team.  A well fitted polo shirt should have slim fitted sleeves that reach about halfway between the shoulder and the elbow. The neckline, while unbuttoned should reach just down to the chest area.  Harriton M265, M265W and Devon & Jones (DG200 and DG200W are designed for proper fit.

  • Choose the right color

    Most Polo shirts are solid one color, but some brands do make polo shirts with two or more colors. When selecting a polo shirt for a team or group, people tend to think about color and ignore the other aspects of the shirt. It is important to think how your logo will show on solid shirt versus the one with two or more colors.  Also, the more different variations; single-colored polo shirts in black, brown, white and pale blue, are preferred by men so they can combine the polo shirt with a suit. The more striking colors such as green, yellow or red are worn with pleasure in sports or in leisure time.

Don’t just collect royalties - get full revenue when self publishing!

It is a great time to be a self-publisher. You have the tools and technology to publish your words and be in direct communication with your audience. Why let Createspace or other sites collect revenue for you? By directly communicating with your audience you can invite them to order on your web site/s. As a self-publisher, why use sites who make you sign a long term contract or send you royalties? Youshould be collecting full revenue as you sell your product.

A few years ago when you wrote a book you were required to hire a publishing company. The good news for authors is that professional self-publishing is here and available to everyone that wants to write!

Here are some tips to help you get started on this journey:

Self Publishing
  • Make your book available on ebook platforms for global reach. There are many e-book publishing service companies like Smashwords who take a percentage of your sales, convert your book into many e-book formats for most of the e-reading devices, such as PDF and EPUB and distribute to most of the important e-book resellers. Unfortunately, Smashwords does not distribute to Amazon Kindle. But the good news is that the .doc file you uploaded to Smashwords is very similar to the properly formatted Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) file that Amazon requires. You can open an account on Amazon’s site and upload .doc file.
  • Buy your own ISBN and control your metadata. You do need a separate ISBN for each edition of your book, so buy a pack of 10 for $250 from the ISBN Agency run by Bowker. It is very important to do this yourself and not let any service provide you with an ISBN. You need to be able to log into Bowker with your own credentials in order to create and update the data that is disseminated about your book to all the various markets. So far you’ll need two ISBNs, one for digital distribution and one for physical copy. 
  • Print and Fulfill your books with a dedicated, professional team. You should work directly with a team who will help you with all aspects of book printing, cover design, size, and paper. You keep the sales and there is no royalty. Most importantly, when a customer buys a book they are your customer. This gives you an opportunity to connect with them and build your business. Think hard about signing with organizations who make you sign long term contracts or collect your sales and pay you small royalties.

Today, self-publishers can have it all and Acutrack is proud to support that. With us you are in control of your sales, marketing, and eCommerce. We become the print and fulfillment extension of your book. Self-publishing with Acutrack requires no contract. Rather than receiving a small percent of the sales profits in the form of royalties, self-publishers keep all the profits. With our state-of-the-art printing technology and technology-driven fulfillment services we can help grow your business.

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