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It’s the ultimate frustration. When you call a large company, if you can find a number to call, you’re talking to a robot. None of the choices offered will get you to where you need to go, and when you leave a message, an automated voice announces that you’ll get a callback within 24 to 48 hours. You want your fulfillment questions answered now! To serve your customers, you need a company with a heart for serving you.


One strike and you’re out

Many generous customers are willing to give a company more than one chance to deliver good service, but a significant number, 26%, are not. After one bad experience, they take their business elsewhere.

Bad reviews are bad for sales

In our increasingly web-based world, consumers are more likely to put their faith in online reviews than word-of-mouth recommendations. Many companies would be surprised to know that the effectiveness of traditional advertising is very limited. Only 8% of consumers make a purchase with an ad in mind. Successful companies earn good reviews by improving customer service.

Personalized attention

Your buyers want your customer service to be fast and their problems handled effectively. Even more important than speed and efficiency is making your customers feel unique and valued. You can do that by:

  • Keeping track of each purchaser’s history.
  • Contacting your buyers to ensure that they feel satisfied.
  • Addressing your customers by name.

Positive experiences lead to increased sales.

Honesty is the only policy

What’s more annoying than having customer service lie to you? Communication with your buyers must be¬†truthful. Most consumers accept that mistakes happen but are not tolerant of excuses. Your credibility is at risk if you do any less than your best to correct an error.

Tech in customer service

People can only handle so many things at once. Tech fills the gap to provide the services your customers need. Potential buyers will, however, abandon chatbots that ask dumb questions or give useless answers.

While you can use automated functions to handle a majority of transactions, your customers should always have a straightforward opportunity to communicate with a live person when they need one. Your fulfillment provider should also provide you with rapid and straightforward contact options.

The Acutrack solution

At¬†Acutrack, we focus on excellent customer service. We document every step of our process, attuning you to your buyers’ wants and needs. Our ability to fill orders quickly and accurately maintains your purchasers’ confidence in you.¬†Contact us today¬†to learn more about the service that will bring your buyers back for more.

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