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The Smarter Way to Sell Your Book on Amazon

Self-published authors have options for selling their books on Amazon, and the one you pick can affect profitability and customer experience. If your first thought is to print on demand, take a second look at other options. For example, Acutrack book printing and fulfillment with Amazon fulfilled by merchant is a wise choice. You’ll have more creative control, have printing options and be in a better position to maximize your profits. Print-on-demand offers convenience, but you sacrifice a lot to get it.

When you print your books with Acutrack, you’ll enjoy a broader range of options ‚Äď many of them are what you need to compete more effectively against titles from traditional publishers. You can select paperback, hardcover, spiral, or wire-o binding and make decisions about the cover and inside paper stock that you don’t get with on-demand printing. With Acutrack book fulfillment, you can sell books on Amazon or your eCommerce platform, and all customers receive their books the same way.

As a seller on Amazon, you have two major options :

1. Use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program and pay Amazon to store and ship your products to customers 

2. Ship orders by yourself, which is known as Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) or seller-fulfilled.

Selling products using the FBM method is advantageous for the seller when the products are exclusive to the seller’s shop. Similarly, it is favorable for an author.¬† It also offers a bunch of benefits, especially¬†the control over every aspect of the business and having a good profit margin.

Fulfilled by Merchant operates as it sounds.

The merchant fulfills orders when their products are sold on Amazon, either through self-fulfillment or a Third-party book fulfillment service like Acutrack.

FBM is usually the only global fulfillment method available to new merchants selling on Amazon which can work to their advantage.

Let’s ferret out some major advantages of FBM:

  • Retain better control:

The author gets to control inventory, shipping and handling, packaging, delivery speed, and shipping carriers as well as maintain control of return methods, and the customer service experience. What sells, what stays, and what replaces; matters a heap sight in order to achieve greater success.

  • A way to earn more revenue:¬†

Margins are greater than FBA since the seller does not need to pay additional fees to Amazon.

  • Strong brand building:

Complete control over your brand and an open line of communication to create a robust relationship with customers lead to an opportunity to build a better business than the rest.

  • Faster business growth:

47% of FBM sellers realized a profit in fewer than three months versus 38% of FBA sellers.

  • No unavoidable losses due to frequent policy changes
  • Less paperwork handling while catering directly to the customer¬†
  • Freedom to run operations as desired¬†
  • No unexpected costs, expenses throughout the shipping process¬†

 FulfilledBy-Merchant Seller 2.0 is here

On the flip side, the biggest disadvantage of FBM method is it often impacts the shipping standard expected by the customers. Moreover, it can be very difficult to guarantee rapid international shipping as an individual. Having the right book fulfillment provider like Acutrack inc. can save you time and money. Combined with Acutrack’s print-on-demand services enabled by its in-house state-of-the-art printing setup Acutrack’s a one-stop printing and global delivery partner for authors.
Until now, Acutrack, as a third-party book fulfilment provider who aided the FBM method, would have to integrate with your website or online marketplace store like Amazon store separately.

Today, E-commerce giants like Shopify and WooCommerce are allowing seamless Amazon integration. This means once the end customer places an order on Amazon, it will reach your Shopify store without any problems so it can be delivered to the customer. It will seamlessly flow into your Acutrack  inventory management system here. As usual, we will spring to action and do the needful. Your book will be delivered without any hassles. 

You can focus more on your business operations keeping aside the difficulties of the shipping process while enriching customer relations and credence. 

To learn more, email us at moc.kcartuca@gnitekrame

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