Acutrack partnership with Eventsquid boost the connection between organizers and attendees. Print your book and have your literature promoted and fulfill book orders all with Acutrack.Marketing Material Shipping for Virtual Events

Goodie bags filled with product samples and marketing materials are a mainstay of many events – but what to do when they go virtual? Acutrack’s partnership with event registration and management software Eventsquid has opened up new possibilities. Today, event sponsors can count on Acutrack to ship giveaways and goody bags directly to people who have attended events virtually. It creates a new dimension in event marketing and preserves one of the features that attendees enjoy the most.

“For years, trade show and conference attendees have been handed goody bags and samples as they register at an event,’ observed Raj Barman, CEO, of Acutrack. “Now that webinars and events continue to be held online in large numbers, we’ve provided an efficient and economical way to ship the goodies. We also offer a printing service to reduce shipping costs for event sponsors who want their materials included. On top of everything else, we give sponsors digital dashboards with attendee data.”

Acutrack Connects Easily to Eventsquid

Fast shipping and nicely packaged kits make an excellent impression on the event attendees, and the quick connection between Acutrack and Eventsquid facilitates it. As event registrations come in, the data goes directly to the Acutrack logistics and fulfillment system. Giveaways and goody bags can be packed and shipped on the same day. They’ll arrive soon after the registration to deliver an exceptional customer experience. The process is handled seamlessly by a technology-driven marketing collateral and book fulfillment system.

Just as it does with Eventsquid system users, Acutrack provides global logistics and product shipping for a range of industry sections, notably including book publishing. When the order fulfillment is combined with economical printing services for books and marketing materials, it’s a package that few other online order fulfillment companies can match. Eventsquid users are the latest to enjoy the benefits of fast shipping, easy access to attendee/customer data, and affordable printing services.

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Contact us to learn more about our book printing and order fulfillment services. We offer a range of options for print-on-demand such as spiral bound, hardcover book printing, perfect bound, and wire-o. Acutrack is a leader in digital printing and global shipping.


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