PRESS RELEASE AUG 17, 2017 11:00 EDT

Today, Acutrack announced that it has partnered with two other logistics and distribution companies to expand its fulfillment capabilities. The new partnerships are with companies in Stockton, CA and Philadelphia, PA.

“These partnerships will bring two significant advantages for our customers: faster delivery time and lower shipping cost,” said Raj Barman, CEO of Acutrack.

 With multiple locations, Acutrack will be able to cover all areas of the country with a two-day shipping window. Items will be able to be shipped out from the location closest to customers, which means that shipments will a spend shorter time in transit and customers will receive their products quicker. Combined with reduced shipping costs, this translates to greater profit margins for sellers.

 Shipping carriers, such as FedEx and USPS, break down the U.S. by shipping zones. The further the shipping location is from your customer, the higher the zone. The higher the zone, the greater the cost to ship the order.
Acutrack’s new multi-warehouse fulfillment capabilities will substantially bring down shipping costs for its customers.

About Acutrack

Acutrack, Inc.,, is a privately held company in Livermore, California and is one of the pioneers of On-Demand publishing. For 25 years Acutrack has helped companies fulfill their products by publishing their digital content with minimal to zero inventory for CD/DVDs, USBs, and books. The company is recognized for their outstanding fulfillment services and behind-the-scenes publishing by several organizations.

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