Acutrack eCommerce integrates with Etsy makes printing and fulfilling book orders and marketing collateral easier than ever before.

Acutrack partners with Etsy to Facilitate Smooth Seller-Buyer Operation

Acutrack Helps Etsy Sellers Prosper and Save Time

Etsy sellers can connect to Acutrack more quickly and easily for logistics and order fulfillment. Recent system integration with REST API allows Acutrack to communicate directly with Etsy Merchant Accounts for fully automated book fulfillment. “The new partnership streamlines the supply chain process for Etsy sellers from order fulfillment to inventory management,” said Raj Barman, CEO, of Acutrack. When Etsy sellers connect an Account to Acutrack, their orders go directly to the fulfillment location for processing.

In addition, Acutrack provides an online dashboard with end-to-end order tracking. The direct connection speeds up shipping and improves customer service because the Acutrack team picks, packs, and ships orders as they are received in real-time – no delays while systems communicate. Acutrack’s mission is to offer a time-saving fulfillment service that puts Etsy sellers in complete control with no time investment or added work. The result is an unmatched service that improves the Etsy selling experience.

Order Fulfillment with a Branded Customer Experience

Acutrack is more than a logistics company that packs and ships products – it provides you with options to create a branded customer experience. For example, sellers can personalize orders by adding surprise additions such as sample products, printed marketing collateral (flyers and brochures), thank you cards, etc. It’s all possible with kitting and assembling service, and Acutrack can even print marketing materials. It’s an all-under-one-roof solution for marketing and fulfillment needs.

A technology-driven system enables Acutrack to seamlessly integrate with popular eCommerce platforms like Etsy and provide their sellers with unrivaled book order fulfillment. The combination of quick shipping with global capabilities, easy-to-read seller dashboards, low inventory alerts, and printing capabilities for marketing materials is exceptional. It allows Etsy sellers to create customer profiles and retain data related to their sales and business to inform future marketing decisions. Acutrack’s fulfillment process also cut down on high zone, high-cost shipments.

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