You create products to build your brand and make money. But how you choose to fulfill and distribute your products plays an equally important role in impacting your profits.


Advantage Acutrack Book Printing Service:

You’ve used creativity to write a book or shoot a film, carefully scouring every line or frame, to ensure that  you have an excellent product ready to share with your customers and fans.

Finally, after outlining, editing, and modifying, your product reflects your brand.

Now that your team breathes a sigh of relief, the time has come to pay for distribution and order fulfillment.

Let’s find out how this step impacts your revenue.


Advantage Acutrack Book Printing Service:

There’s a really big company that begins with an A where you can upload files and they fulfill the orders. Like magic, your book reaches customers who come to their platform.

No need to worry about hefty upfront fees since all they do is – get this – select a royalty amount that they give you for the product that you created. Stop for a moment and read the last part of that sentence again.

Remember those long days, late nights and all the work that you and your team put in writing just the right phrases, capturing key moments and reviewing and modifying the graphics?

That big company is telling you what share of your own product that they will let you keep. Sound fair?

Okay. You accept the deal because it doesn’t seem that you have a choice.

Amazon. A name that invokes images of the world’s greatest river where your product is among the millions floating through the marketplace jungle, buoyed by a global brand.

And you can only sell in their space.

Getting the chance to swim with a company known around the world seems worth the cost and justified since the fee doesn’t appear to be coming from your pockets. It’s a royalty and you’re grateful when money is deposited into your account.



So, what if there was a solution that lets you reap the full rewards of your hard work? You create a product, or series of related products like manuals, training DVDs, software and fun branded accessories like T-shirts. And you get paid 100% of the sale. Imagine that.

Instead of stuck swimming in one river, you can sail along and navigate in as many eCommerce platforms as you’d like.

Welcome to Acutrack.

We expand your sales experience so that you’re not limited to a single sales platform strategy.

Yep, our name starts with an A as well. And maybe we’re more like a fun and wild waterpark, giving you the chance to make splashes with your sales on over 50 different eCommerce platforms.

We’re a brand headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley where our technology has a people first benefit for our customers.



The difference between Amazon and Acutrack really comes down to control and business growth.

Amazon’s platform has many pluses or they wouldn’t have grown so large. But you give up a lot of control.

We work with you instead of setting the rules and make you follow along. Acutrack is your backend fulfillment partner.

Here’s how that translates into business growth for your company.

  1. We’re with you all the way.

We make sure you’re not just sailing along on your own by offering you a guide—a dedicated account representative who gets to know you, your brand promise, and the goal and purpose for the products that you create.

  1. Make life easy for your customers.

It’s possible with Acutrack’s services to offer both a physical product and a digital download. You boost your revenue and your customers don’t have to decide.

If you have digital content like software, a film or training manual, you can easily enhance the customer experience by offering a backup disc or backup USB.

So let’s say you currently sell software digitally for $39. Now you load it onto a DVD or USB with your brand on it, and you sell for $49.

Your products are stored in our energy-efficient warehouse and our software system seamlessly manages your inventory and shipping needs.

  1. Use Acutrack in a lead generation strategy.

You can implement a lead generation strategy by using your own CRM/eCommerce, an important step that’s not possible via Amazon’s CreateSpace.

Let’s say your marketing department develops a landing page or they’ve created a funnel to capture leads from Facebook or Google Adwords.

The landing page has a high conversion rate if you offer a valuable item for free – or example, a free training book or free USB with a charge of $5.99 to pay for shipping & handling.

The name comes into your system and now you can place that contact on the path to a deep customer relationship.

  1. Control Your Marketplace

Acutrack’s platform allows you to sell on Amazon but also your own online store and other retailers. Also note that we put your brand front and center. How? Shipping is one key way.

When your customers purchase through Amazon’s CreateSpace they see the Amazon branding in action. Acutrack keeps your brand intact from ordering to customer delivery.

Product creation to grow your business is more than just hard work. It’s satisfying to see your company’s ideas or your nonprofit’s message take shape and influence readers and viewers.

As the president and CEO, I just want you to know that you can boost your revenue by choosing Acutrack as a publishing and fulfillment company that cares about you and your business.

Take a closer look by visiting our website’s on-demand printing and Product Fulfillment pages.

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