No matter what kind of writer you are,  whether you print on demand or have stacks of your book printed, you’ll want to maximize sales. And one of the best ways to do so is to ensure your book has an international reach. Obviously, this is easier said than done –– but it is by no means impossible! With the right strategies, you can give your book a very good chance of being seen beyond your own borders. In this post, we’ll take a look at some tips for how you can get it done.

Encourage readers from each country to review your book

Many readers decide to purchase books based on others’ reviews. However, many of the apps or sites they use show them reviews from the country they’re currently located in. Sites like Amazon, for example, only show the reviews based on the country. It’s a good idea, then, to try and get readers from all around the world to review your book. You can do this either by offering a free copy (or download) of your book, or by paying the readers for honest reviews in order to garner more reach. Don’t forget to wrangle all your friends and family into the effort as well! The more people you have reviewing work –– in as many regions and countries as possible –– the more visible it will be.

Tailor your marketing approach to specific regions

Granted, you’re probably a writer and not a marketer. But it never hurts to consider some of the strategies that professionals use to gain exposure –– for brands, companies, and even books! Some of the things that marketing professionals focus on most today involve creativity and tailoring approaches to different markets, including those that may exist overseas or across borders. So think about how you might do the same with regard to your work. If you wrote a fictional novel you want to sell in a given country for instance, see what popular works in that country you might compare it to; if you wrote a self-help book, try finding relevant statistics supporting the need for the solutions your book offers in a given region. This kind of market analysis will help you with the decision of where and how to market your book.

Use social media ads

First of all, posting on your own business page for social media is absolutely free. Secondly, if you decide to go the paid advertisement route, you have the option to narrow it down by demographics. Refer back to your market research we mentioned above, and use this information to make sure your ads get in front of the right people. Also, make sure to avoid clickbait-y titles or content in your advertisement –– these don’t go over well with potential buyers.

Use different cover art

Often you’ll see different cover art for the same book depending on where it’s being sold. One reason for this is that some concepts and types of art resonate more with people from certain countries. While books in the U.S. tend to have the title and author’s name dominating the entire cover, for instance, book covers in the UK tend to have more of an artistic approach. Some authors also opt for local artists in some markets, to make the covers even more specific to different regions.

Reach out to expat communities

Living in a different country is hard. Something that makes it even harder, however, is finding books in your native language. If your book is originally in English, reach out to Americans or Britons living in Spanish-speaking countries, for instance. Expats will appreciate the gesture, and they’ll be able to get the book through Amazon at the very least (given that most expats won’t choose to lug physical books along in their checked bags to their new countries of residence!).

So there you have it! Through these strategies, you can give your book a good chance of catching on internationally. Just remember that you also have to be sure your book can physically (or digitally) reach those audiences; really, it’s wise to check with your sellers and look into fulfillment centers even before you start trying to sell. But once you’re all set, you can start promoting internationally without a hitch!

How can Acutrack help you?

A global fulfillment company like Acutrack makes your job easier by not just printing your work but also by delivering it across the globe.

Print-on-demand companies have limited printing and binding options.  Acutrack offers a range of binding options from hardback book printing to perfect bound book printing.

Unlike Amazon, where you’ve no idea who your actual readers are, Acutrack gives you complete customer information on each and every purchase made.

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Blog Contributed by Chloe Stefan.

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