In a world dominated by the internet, it might feel like book printing isn’t as important.

But did you know that eight out of ten books today are read in physical copy form?


On demand perfect bound book printing services used to print the books shown in this image.

Yes, there are people downloading eBooks and listening to audiobooks — but the statistics show printed books still reign supreme.

Therefore, authors and self-publishers of all kinds need to take their book printing decisions seriously.

As tempting as it might be to think about a DIY print job or hand things off to print on demand, there is a solid case to be made for using a professional book printing service.

Working with the right printer can be surprisingly affordable, resulting in a book you can feel proud of and one that will compete effectively. Regardless of whether you choose a hardcover, paperback, or spiral binding, you’ll enjoy many advantages of professional printing.

Finding the Best Book Printing Services

If it’s your first time publishing a book, you may wonder what to look for and how to decide.

The best printers have a number of things in common.

  • Easy book content submission
  • Reasonable minimum print runs
  • Lower/competitive pricing
  • Book order fulfillment, if you need it
  • Favorable client reviews and references

Experienced self-published authors and companies printing their books know the best printing makes a difference. In order to beat your competition and be profitable, you need to have a better-looking book than others in the market.

Having a professionally published book helps you and your business in many ways. With so much today about making an excellent first impression, you want to get it right. When you do, it will have an impact on people’s perceptions of you and your writing.

Ahead are 5 reasons why professional book printing will give you and your book advantages.

#1: It’s Surprisingly Affordable

Hardcover books are printed with a stitched binding that has a lay flat option. Affordable book printing.

Who says book printing on demand is always cheaper?

All printing services for self-publishers take into account budgets. Many can increase your per-copy profitability over on-demand services.

If you allow yourself to become too concerned about excess inventory, you can miss important opportunities for your book’s profitability. There is no reason to print huge quantities until you understand your book’s sales potential. You can begin with a reasonable initial press run; hoping you’ll be returning to print more copies soon.


Place a Book Print Order After Projecting Your Sales

Successful self-published books have target audiences. They also need to have well-planned marketing campaigns to reach interested readers.

You can base an initial print run on the size of your target audience and marketing program.

Because no one has a crystal ball, it’s wise to be cautious at first – but have a plan in place to print more copies quickly. Therefore, you need a printer that can respond rapidly.

  • Able to scale up immediately
  • Reasonable initial quantities
  • Responsive during peak demand periods
  • Quick project turnarounds

When you have a significant sales opportunity, you want to have the books ready to go. It’s why a professional printer working on your project is always an asset.

#2: It’s Good for Your Brand

High-quality book printing services can help propel your brand to new heights. You’ll never need to apologize for a beautifully printed book.

Branding is one of the most potent tools available to every author or business, and your book represents it; therefore, appearance and quality matter.

Your book must look like it came from a big-time publishing house to make an excellent branding statement. Printers who have the facilities to give you their quality at an affordable price are the ones who deserve your business.

Custom Printed Books Build Brands

Custom printingCustom book printing machine used by Acutrack. Custom printing services. means you enjoy the full range of options – all the advantages publishing houses give their books. The possibilities include embossing on the cover, more paper stock choices for cover and inside pages, unique trim dimensions, and any binding you prefer.

Book marketers will tell you it helps to look unique and ahead of the curve. But never do anything that might confuse your target readers.

Readers today have thousands of books to choose from, regardless of whether they order them online or buy them in stores. How you print can have a significant impact.

Your book should make a favorable impression for your brand:

  • Look and feel good in the hand
  • Explain “the brand” behind the book
  • Be formatted for easy reading
  • The right size and binding for its use

Your brand image is on the line with every printed copy of your book. Making a good impression will interest people in you, your products and services, and future books you may choose to write.

#3: You’ll be Ready for Higher Sales

There is no doubt print-on-demand books can be a bottleneck and frustrate your customers.

When your sales take off, you want to be ready with enough books to meet the demand. A professional printer prepared to scale up to your needs helps you achieve higher sales.

Book publishing veterans know the value of professional printers. Self-publishers can follow their lead and enjoy important advantages:

  1. High-volume capabilities when needed
  2. Lower pricing depending on print run size
  3. Digital and offset printing available
  4. Complete range of add-ons available

Like anything that sounds too good to be true, book print-on-demand services have their limitations. Printing one at a time might not be fast enough for you.

#4 You Can Choose Any Binding

Paperback, hardcover, spiral bound, and wire-o binding options for books.If you’re new to printing books, you’re probably aware of hardcover and paperback bindings. But don’t forget about spiral (it’s excellent for manuals and cookbooks) and wire-o.

Books from self-publishers run the gamut, and some even need calendar and journal printing services.

Print-on-demand or POD may limit your binding choices, hurting sales and frustrating your customers. Professional book printers, on the other hand, give you all the options.


Nothing says high-end and permanent like a hardcover book, also known as “case bound” to industry insiders. If you want to make a good impression about high quality and your budget allows, hardcover may be the way to go.


“Perfect bound” books, also known as paperbacks, are the most popular. They can be printed in various trim sizes and are lighter and easier to carry. Paperbacks cost less per copy, which also explains their popularity.


How will your cook be used? Spiral book binding is the perfect choice if readers need to keep it open to one page for a long time. It’s a popular option for cookbooks and manuals, keeping them in good shape despite frequent use.


A close cousin of the spiral, wire-o binding uses a shiny silver wire. Some people prefer its look, but it can bend where the plastic spiral is more resilient. Some authors and brands select it for the unique appearance that stands out.

Which binding is right for your book? It depends on how it will be used and the impression you want to make.

#5 You’ll Book Will be More Competitive

It takes a high-quality book to compete with traditional publishers.

Having your self-published book professionally printed is always better than a DIY solution – and it removes the sacrifices you’d make to fit into book printing on-demand services.

Also, if you work with a book distributor and they pitch your book to large retailers, how it looks will matter. When you choose a real, professional printer, you’ll have all the advantages of big-time publishers.

Why Print Your Book Professionally? Frequently Asked Questions

Photo of Acutrack customer support for marketing collateral and value added book fulfillment services.How much does it cost?

You have complete control, and the price for printing depends on your book’s size, page count, binding choice, cover stock, and many other factors.

How do I decide which binding is best?

Perfect-bound (paperback) books are the most popular, but some self-publishers choose case-bound (hardcover) or spiral binding. Think about how the book will be used and your target price per copy.

What if I need book order fulfillment?

At Acutrack, we’re a versatile printer and offer book fulfillment service. It replaces all the services you’d get from print-on-demand. We can improve your profitability and the quality of your book.

How do I find the best book printer online?

What’s best for you will depend on what you need. You may talk to several printers before making a decision. Think long-term about your book and all your needs.

Why Print Your Book Professionally: Conclusion

Nothing stops you from finding a professional publishing service to print your book.

You have many options, including on-demand printing, where you carry no inventory, but some choices have more advantages than others. Our Acutrack model is called just-in-time printing, and we’d be delighted to tell you more about it.

Self-publishers of all kinds, from first-time authors to well-established companies, have chosen professional book printing. What they all have in common is a careful decision-making process that has helped them make the best decision for the books.

Have questions about book printing and fulfillment service?

Call (888) 234-3472 or contact Acutrack today!

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