USB Fulfillment

A powerful way to distribute your branded content. It’s more than just a marketing giveaway. Don’t let security be a concern. We can write protect and copy protect to give you peace of mind in distribution.

Distributing your content on USB gives you an increased revenue stream, brand presence and customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the artwork on USB stick be customized?

Yes. We can customize USB stick printing on both sides - possibly your logo on one side and product title on the second side.The amount of information which can be printed depends on the type of USB. You may follow our template to design the artwork.

What are the USB stick capacities?

USBs are available in 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB​, 64GB or 128GB. 4 GB is most common and 8 GB is fractionally more money compared to 4 GB. USB’s in smaller sizes (1 GB or 2 GB) are discontinued and it is cheaper to have a 4 GB capacity USB rather than a smaller size.

What are the different styles of USBs?

We typically stock four different styles of USB – Swivel Style, Clip style Credit card style and Classic style. Based on your specific needs, we can always stock USB style desired by you. It is easier and faster if you choose to go with one of the styles stored by us as we have pre-defined setup and templates for them.

Are there color selections for the USB stick?

USB swivel style is available as black or blue body and swivel can be customized with your artwork. Credit card and Clip style are available in white and can be customized with your artwork.

Content Upload

Acutrack can help with data preloading. Additionally, we can write-protect the content Just on USB (USB-ROM). This ensures that the user does not accidentally erase the files.

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