I don't see my order is posted in your fulfillment

This is because the order notification from your system to Acutrack failed for the missing order and the order never made it to Acutrack. When an order is notified to our ordering web services, if the order is placed successfully an Acutrack OrderID number will be supplied as acknowledgement. If your system does not have Acutrack orderID number, then you can be sure that the order will not be found in Acutrack system.

Shopping cart service providers do not store Acutrack OrderID and therefore, if the order notification fails, they don't have a way to re-post the failed orders. In cases such as these, you need to make sure and check the Acutrack AdminPanel at least once a week to make sure all orders that are on your e-commerce shopping cart are also present in the Acutrack Customer Portal. If any order is missing, please place the order using the "Order Management / Place Order" OR "Order Management / Import Orders" screens from the Acutrack Customer Portal.