How to configure the PayPal account with Acutrack's OnDemand System?

Steps to Configure:


  1. Configure the PayPal Instant Payment Notification
  • Contact Acutrack and get the Notification URL
  • Login to your PayPal account at
  • Click My Account / Profile / Instant Payment Notification (under Selling Preferences)
  • Check the Instant Payment Notification to activate
  • Enter the Notification URL provided by Acutrack
  • Click Save

Click here for sample IPN configuration


2. Configure the Item_Number (Sku number) and Item_Name  in PayPal

a) Custom written Add To Cart button:

If you create your own custom Add To Cart Button, add the following hidden fields to the script..

<input value="Product1">
(Replace the value "Product1" with your sku number)

<input value="Name Of your Product">
(Replace the value "Name Of your Product" with your product name.)


b) PayPal's Add To Cart button:

If you use PayPal's Add To Cart button click this document and view how to configure item number and item name



Product name(item_name):            item_number

Product name your sku#