Can Acutrack integrate with Amazon market place for fulfillment?

Amazon has many different options to sell in their market place.  We are integrated with Amazon depending on the type of account that you have.  Here is a brief summary of Amazon accounts and how we can support you.

Amazon Seller Account:  This is also known as Amazon Market Place.  We are completely integrated with Amazon Seller Account.   If you are selling in Amazon market place and have Amazon Seller Account, please ask your Account Manager to help you integrate.   Amazon Seller Account gives you two options to fulfill – “Products fulfilled by Amazon” or “Products fulfilled by Merchant” (in this case, Acutrack). “Products fulfilled by Merchant” implies that we fulfill product directly to the end-user. “Products fulfilled by Amazon”* implies that you have to manage the inventory at Amazon, and submit request to Acutrack to replenish the inventory.  This request to replenish the inventory can be initiated by login in to Acutrack’s customer portal and choose the option “Ship to Amazon”.  Acutrack’s system will automatically generate an order in Amazon Seller Account, print packaging slip based on Amazon’s guideline.

 Amazon AdvantageAmazon does not provide any tools to integrate with them.   In this case, Amazon creates and sends you purchase order to fulfill to various Amazon warehouses.  In this case, you have to manually enter the order in our customer portal as “customer pick up” and forward the shipping label and packaging slip to your account manager. We recommend using UPS when shipping large quantities to Amazon.

(*)  You are responsible for any special Amazon’s requirement for individual product labelling or other compliance.