How we helped streamline Batteroo Corporation product fulfillment services

Batteroo Corporation is an innovator of intelligent power management and delivery system. Batteroo produces a consumer based “battery sleeve” which utilizes the untapped energy remaining in the battery before it is thrown away.

The Situation

Batteroo completed a successful crowdfunding in July 2015 through Indiegogo and was looking for a reliable 3PL partner who could help them with worldwide fulfillment in a cost effective and reliable manner. They were also looking to store and fulfill these items to both B2C market via their Magento based eCommerce and also B2B market to ship to various retail channels.

The Challenge

  • Batteroo was behind schedule in their production and had a requirement to fulfill about 10,000+ unique Indiegogo orders in 1-2 days so their backers receive them prior to Christmas holidays of 2016
  • Batteroo had a custom created Magento based website which needed to be integrated with Acutrack’s fulfillment for automation of order receiving and shipping status updates
  • Batteroo needed flexibility to place large custom orders for the retail channel

The Results

The Acutrack team created a dedicated team to support timely fulfillment of Indiegogo orders. Batteroo and Acutrack’s team worked together to import all order transactions from the Indiegogo platform to Acutrack’s fulfillment database. Acutrack’s team processed each transaction with 100% accuracy. We developed an email tool which also notified Batteroo’s backers about the shipping status and tracking number.

Additionally, Acutrack’s online “customer portal” was created, therefore allowing Batteroo to place any custom orders for the retail channel. Acutrack also integrated with their Magento-based eCommerce platform for complete automation of order receiving and shipping status updates.