Book Fulfillment

Boost your revenue and control your inventory with our powerful book printing and fulfillment services.

With a minimum order quantity, we can integrate with your ecommerce or Amazon marketplace and safely warehouse your products. All orders can be fulfilled On Demand and we will alert you when your inventory needs re-stocked.

Most publishing companies take ownership of your books and offer you limited royalties.

However, if you have an established customer base and wish to have full control over your sales and simply need a book fulfillment partner, we are a perfect fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of books do we make?
We have several binding options to choose from. Perfect Bound and Saddle Stitched are the most common options. Plastic spiral is an option for books that should lie flat when open, such as manuals or cookbooks.

These days, the term “Print On Demand”—or POD—has become commonplace. Printing a single book at a time has a convenience factor, but printing a single book is more expensive than printing a short run of books. It can also be a good idea to combine printed books with eBooks, to give your customers more options, and to spread out costs.

Text Paper
Our standard text paper is 50# white Accent, cream and ivory.  Other shades and weights are also available.

Our standard cover stock for softcover books is white 100 # Gloss cover.  You also have the option for Matte cover stock which gives the cover a dull finish.  Other stocks are also available. Covers are printed in full color. Our perfect bindery can handle both gloss and matte finish cover stock.

Trim Size
To get the most for your money, choose a standard trim size such as 5½ x 8½, 6” x 9”, or 8½ x 11. For example, a 7” x 9” book would be priced at the larger 8½” x 11” size and trimmed down to 7” x 9”.  The size of a book can depend on its subject matter. A short column width makes the book very readable and easy to handle, ship and display. 8½” x 11” is a better size for books with many photos, double columns or illustrations. Landscape formats (books bound on the short side) cost more than standard portrait sizes.

When “text” pages have photos, boxes, text or images that touch the outside edge of a page, this is called a “bleed.” A bleed will add expense because the book must be printed at a larger size and trimmed smaller to cut to the bleed.

Our Value Proposition
Integrates with your e-commerce or ordering system and fulfill on demand
Ability to offer short run as low as 10 without any setup cost
State of the art bindery setup – Saddle stitch & Perfect bind machine makes perfect spine

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