Why Does Acutrack Sell Disc Printing Equipment?

by Asheesh Barman

This country is full of do-it-yourselfers, and that includes people or companies who want to do their own CD or DVD duplication without working with an outside service organization such as Acutrack.  However, many who choose this without guidance get into trouble.  That said, it's important to stay up to speed on the most cost effective ways to get your content such as movies, music, or materials, out to your target audience.  What do you need to know before buying your own CD or DVD publishing equipment?  There are many options available.

Often times, when purchasing this type of manufacturing equipment, people's selection criteria may have been off, and so they may not have purchased what they really needed.  Before purchasing any CD or DVD manufacturing equipment, there are a few facts that everyone should know -- and because we are in this industry -- we can offer some advice.

In fact we have a complete podcast on DVD manufacturing equipment that is devoted to this question, so feel free to listen to it!  Featuring our president, Raj Barman, the podcast will arm listeners with the information they need to know before purchasing any type of CD or DVD manufacturing equipment.  What's more, we even have a special promotion.  If you listen to the podcast, we'll give you 500 CDs or DVDs at no charge.  Listen now!

First of all, why does Acutrack sell printing equipment when being an outside printing service is the business we are in the first place?  There can be many reasons such as security or time constraints.  Some businesses want to distribute CDs and DVDs just as soon as the content is ready, so they don't have the time for someone like Acutrack to handle their production and do it for them.  Many of our clients rely on us for other services, including production or packaging needs, as opposed to their internal needs.  Software publishers are just one example.

In selling CD and DVD duplication equipment, however, we always make sure that our customers have done their homework considerations.  It can be like bying a Honda versus a Ferrari, and many options require a detailed understanding of the market, as well as an analysis of the needs.  You also need to do a cost comparison too.  Because our Acutrack Short Run DVD Production services might actually be a better choice than purchasing your own publishing equipment.

Look at your daily or montly needs to determine if you would even require industrial equipment.  There are desktop units versus commercial -- workgroup, network sharing equipment for example, versus smaller equipment meant for the desktop.  There are three very different choices to print on the disk surface.  Inkjet printing is for small jobs, while there are commercial color printers for high volume jobs.  In other words, we advise our customers not just think only about the cost comparisons.  Plus there are options for integrating with applications.  One example might be a mortgage company who wants their equipment to automate and put customer documetns on a CD.

What is important when you speak to a dealer?  Two versus three year warrantee, you want to feel sure that the company will be in business if you need it!  Do they have tech support?  What product mix do they carry?  Printer from one company, integration is possible with other equipment.  Look for seamless integration.  Find out what they are offering and why.

Rimage and Primera, the world's top two manufactureres of CD and DVD duplication and printing equipment.      Both companies are pioneers in the industry, are reliable , and provide great service. They 90 percent of the market. Premiera makes the best desktop equipment for smaller needs. Their solutions are sold out of the box and are simple to use. Rimage covers the high end networking group producing robust industrial high volume photorealistic needs.

Acutrack knows this industry because they use the equipment in our own environment.  There are long and short term needs.  We have the technical staff to support our clients, plus a capable software team, and a web store.  When our clients purchase from us, we can support all their questions, making the investment safe.