What You Ought to Know About DVD Duplication?

by Antony

With the World Wide Web becoming the preferred platform for business transactions, digital distribution is the natural option to offer your product online. However, there is no reason why you would not want to offer physical DVD in conjunction with digital download. For example, an online entrepreneur who maintains a yoga website may have different video recordings. If the website entices a good number of followers, it will become a need for the business to offer both digital download as well as DVD for all their video content. Websites that are also dedicated in marketing music, inspirational talks, life skills, and others have to make content available both digitally and on duplicated DVD. To respond to the increasing media on demand of customers, many companies that are selling such products need the services of firms specializing in duplicating DVDs.

The Difference between DVD Duplication and Replication

DVD replication and duplication are both technological processes to make copies of original video content. The difference between the two is mainly on the process for reproduction. Replication is quite expensive, complex and time wasting. The original DVD copy will be pressed to produce replicates. A glass master is used to store the data and in turn will be used to produce stampers. The video content will be copied into the blank DVDs through these stampers to prepare the disc for replication. The DVD disc will be coated with polycarbonate to secure the data and disc, which will be lacquered and packaged ready for selling. 

On the other hand, duplicating DVDs is an easier process. This is quite similar to burning a DVD using your usual PC, except that it is performed massively. The process utilizes a laser beam to duplicate video content into a blank DVD, similar to the process of photocopying printed documents. The data will be extracted from the original disc and will be duplicated into the blank DVD disc.


Why Hire Professionals for Media on Demand Duplication?

It is crucial to hire a professional company to handle DVD duplication, especially for mass production. Entrusting the task to professionals will not compromise the picture and audio quality. Several years ago, there were some problems about duplicated DVDs mainly because of poor audio and video quality. Some people in the industry even believe that it is better to replicate DVDs than duplicate them. However, these are only misconceptions. Most problems in DVD quality are caused by flawed technology used that it becomes difficult for DVD players to read and play the content. However, compatibility problems can now be avoided thanks to recent video technology. 

In general, DVD duplication is fast, affordable and efficient. It needs less production time. Hence, it is the most convenient way in which you can mass-produce video products for the market. It is highly recommended to get the services of a company like Acutrack that can provide duplication of whatever visual media on demand.