Trends in Insert Print Production and Tracking to the Web

by Antony

The latest news, as told by DM NEws, is that the proposed merger between Vertis Communications and American Color Graphics is back on, after the two printers announced plans to merge last summer, and then the deal fell apart in September.  Apparently their mutual goal is to better address the advertising insert and pre-media services marketplace by enriching their print capabilities and offering a wide range of pre-media and workflow solutions.

Which brings us to the fact that as Acutrack has focused quite a bit in the last couple of years on our on demand CD and DVD replication model. However, we have always been doing the basics, assisting our clients with print production, design, and fulfillment. Now we are seeing a nice combination of online and traditional marketing tactics that will continue to flourish as marketers get a better handle on measurement and metrics for results both online and offline. This leaves room for tweaking campaigns and improved results.

That said, our industry's trends are constantly changing.  Back in April, for instance, was the DM News 5th Annual DMA Insert Media Day, having to do with anything insert-oriented.  The latest issues involve the concept of tracking and attibuting.  For example, an insert with a Web coupon requires the consumer to respond by typing in specific code - then it is up to the Web tracking technology to capture more information - something more robust like HitsLink or Google's tracking which is free.

Some insert responders won't enter the code but nonetheless were driven to the designated Website by the insert.  While many of our clients are now creating incentives for consumers that drive them from print vehicles to their Websites, we continually consult with them to check the ability of these programs to work in conjunction with one another, which is critical for success.

Other trends indicate that in reality everytime there are paper cost and postage increases, print insert programs and direct mailers get a boost, as strange as it may seem.  Apparently that is when advertisers see dollars that could be saved using insert media and direct mail.

Acutrack knows that our customers can save extra time and money having us handle their printing, then shipping directly to their customer lists. Our direct mail services team is in-house, so we can start the fulfillment process the second a project is complete - no matter if its a job for printed brochure, software in boxes, or DVD production. We're experts on postal rules and regulations, presorting, and postage, plus we use USPS-certified CASS address standardization software for postal rate discounts.