Trends in Entertainment Media

by Asheesh Barman

The big issue affecting all sectors of the entertainment and media industry is maintaining control of content and audiences. The days are gone when television and radio programmers held captive audiences. Today's consumers demand control over what they watch, listen to and read, and trends are indicating that more and more people are doing it online.

  • Total spending (including advertising) in the U.S. on media of all types was about $930 billion in 2007.
  • U.S. advertising spending alone was about $284 billion.
  • The number of broadband Internet connections in the U.S. has reached true mass market in size, at about 80 million homes and businesses in 2007
  • Advertising on the Internet is now a $17 billion industry.  Comcast has more than 12 million high-speed Internet subscribers (Source: Plunkett Research, Ltd.)

In the recent past DVDs, digital video recorders (DVRs), video-on-demand (VOD) and MP3 players have changed the way we experience entertainment. If you miss your favorite show, you can rent or buy it on DVD or record it to watch any time.

However there are so many new electronic delivery venues, competition among entertainment delivery platforms are evolving more quickly. Now we have the Third Screen cell phone for video and music entertainment purposes. Game machines can now connect to the Internet and play DVDs. Wi-Fi enhances the mobility of entertainment and media access. A serious evolution of access and delivery methods will continue at a rapid-fire pace, and media companies will be forced to be more nimble than ever. The current battle for high definition (HD) video standards is part of it all.

Advertising, the revenue source for alot the media industry, is rapidly moving to the Internet with online advertising growing by leaps and bounds. Just today it was announced in an article in the Wall Street Journal that marketers are likely to start making digital-ad buys a key part of their upfront TV network ad-purchase negotiations.

These are just a few reasons why the business models used by most entertainment companies are now becoming out of date. And as this revolution in new media continues, platforms will evolve quickly, allowing consumers even greater control; therefore competition will become even more fierce. Entertainment companies must evolve in order to deal with new technologies and new demands from their audiences of consumers.

These trends are also affecting the traditional CD and DVD publishing market as well, filled with musicians, smaller independent filmmakers, documentarians or other content producers. In the past, their goods, so to speak, were limited to quantity orders that were warehoused. Minimum orders of 1000 pieces had to be ordered to save and be profitable, with costs were paid up front.

The good news is that Acutrack's On Demand Production allows our customers to manufacture CDs and DVDs on an "as needed" basis, eliminating the up-front costs associated with CD/DVD production. We create custom CDs and DVDs one at a time and ship them world-wide directly to your clients. All our customers have to do is set up a web store, a shopping cart with their product(s) in our effortless-commerce, e-commerce platform. It makes CD and DVD replication, orderiong and delivery really easy.

Advanced technology will continue to change the way we all interact with entertainment venues. And just as fast as it changes, we will be there with new fulfillment solutions