The Future Is Bright With Disc Manufacturing On-Demand

by Asheesh Barman

I just returned from the Future of Packaged Media 2009 summit in Universal City, CA where I went to present a paper on "Eco-Friendly Optical Media Production & Products". Most people that I spoke with were cautiously optimistic about the optical media industry, but did feel that there will be a few MAJOR hiccups along the way this year. Maybe I am the eternal optimist or maybe my perspective is different, but I see tremendous opportunity with the manufacturing on demand model when it comes to optical discs - especially in this kind of an economic environment.

Acutrack’s zero inventory production and fulfillment model has see tremendous gains this year. We have signed up lots of indie musicians who are no longer worried about the compatibility of CD-R media for their music – especially since Acutrack uses only the top-notch Taiyo Yuden CD-R media for all its MOD products. Acutrack has also signed several indie film makers. Given the fact that the Acutrack’s on-demand production and fulfillment model allows these indie artists to completely bypass all the upfront manufacturing, inventory management and storage fees and it allows them to start making money from day one, it is seeing a lot of traction this year. Another beautiful benefit of this model is that everyone concerned wins – from the content producer, the manufacturer (i.e. Acutrack), the consumer (with more choices - because content producers don't have to worry about initial publishing costs; so they can focus on more content and publish all their titles) and the environment (since Acutrack produces and ships only what is ordered and that to when it is ordered, there is no wastage and no obsolescence of product either). The future is bright still for optical media my friends. Until next time…