Sending DVD screens in a cost effective mail package

DVD’s are optical storage devices. They are most often used to store video and data. These are one of the most popular ways that movies are bought and sold on the market. Today there are a myriad of products that utilize this technology. Film producers and distributors often produce limited numbers of DVD’s to release to specific audiences in order to get feedback regarding the product before the final edits are prepared for wide-spread distribution. Private individuals and small businesses can also use internet companies to produce small numbers of DVD's that can be used to test whether the product will sell in a particular market.

Whatever the use, these disks are sensitive and delicate. Fingerprints can cause a reduction in the quality of playback. Consumers expect the DVD's they receive to be in excellent condition when they arrive. Scratches and cracks are unacceptable. These disks require special packaging to be sent via mail or transported by hand. Businesses need to purchase special packaging to transport the DVD’s safely and efficiently. Packaging must also meet the specific guidelines outlined by the US Postal Service.

DVD authoring services help businesses and consumers turn various types of content into DVD’s. The short run DVD’s produced can be as few as 100 DVD’s up into thousands of copies. Businesses often send the short run DVD duplication to DVD screeners who watch or view the content and give feedback before the final product can be prepared for widespread release.

Even though many DVD’s may not be the final product, these disks must still arrive at their destinations unharmed and intact. Stores often have large amounts of protective packaging to house the disks until they are able to reach the consumer. DVD's which are designed to only be used for a short time also require packaging.

An effective and eco-friendly method of shipping and packaging is necessary to maintain the integrity of the disks and effectively market the product. DVD's sent via mail can be shipped using light (2 oz.) packages which can help business and private individuals who produce these disks save money on postage.

People have recently become more and more interested in preserving the environment. One method of conservation is the reduction of waste. Every DVD package that is thrown eventually finds its way into a landfill. By reducing the amount of packing used to transport and house the disks before they reach the consumer, the total amount of trash put into landfills can be reduced. Small packages for DVD's are also helpful to the consumer because the package can be used to store the disks at home without taking up a lot of space.