Seek an Expert Assembly and Packaging Partner for Your Business

by Antony

Know Your Strengths

Each software company has its strengths. Rarely is one of them software assembly. When the software product life cycle has gone from brainstorming to approve release, the next step is crucial. Simply stated, software assembly should not be an afterthought. Collaborating with a service provider with the experience and knowledge to assemble software and deliver on terms is key to providing a winning product.

Manage Your Supply Chain

There is ample room for missed opportunity in the supply chain. There is a long list of timing considerations when it comes to marketing your product and meeting a release street date. Do not drop the ball when it comes to your software packaging. Any partner chosen to assemble software for your business should understand supply chain management and have the resources available to do so without causing you headaches or hassles.

Quality Control

Headaches and hassles also arise from the lack of quality controls. Once you have communicated your requirements, quality should be the least of your concerns. While you'll certainly perform some measure of error checking to be sure you're getting what you've ordered, a big part of what you're really ordering should be the quality control infrastructure of your software packaging partner. Given a clear set of instructions, they should be counted on to iron out any complications before they become your concern, leaving you to market, sell, and support your products.

Safe and Sound

Upon turning over your intellectual property to an assembler, safety concerns are really a problem you should not have to deal with on any level. Data leaks and outright piracy can ruin a software product launch. Recovery from such an event can be next to impossible given the typical time and money spent on a software product development. Any partner you entrust with your product should protect it as they do their reputation and other business assets. Without proper safeguards to ensure data integrity and physical security of your product, the impact to your brand and bottom line could be huge.

The Right Investment

Each component of your business comes with an associated cost. Feeding a supply presents a challenge in cost projections and resource management that is not easily faced without experience and resources. Providing the flexibility in the assembly and packaging stages of the supply chain to meet demands (or scale back when appropriate) requires an investment in infrastructure that doesn't fit into mission statement of most software development companies. Investing in a partnership with a packaging expert allows you to access their proven infrastructure and leverage their experience at a predictable cost to your business.


A jack-of-all-trades is rarely paid at the level of the expert. Focusing on your core business allows you to develop the expertise necessary to drive profits. Collaborating with expert service providers in key areas such as kit assembly and packaging keeps your business on track to develop the skills you need to drive the bottom line.