Media Production

DVD Duplication and Replication

Acutrack deploys best tools, technology and process to duplicate DVD. Every aspect of our DVD Duplication manufacturing process guarantees quality and standardization. We are FDA approved vendor. Whether we are producing a short run DVD or DVD on demand process, we choose the best industrial premium grade Taiyo Yuden media, capable of printing anything from one color to full color photorealistic image directly on the disc surface. Each disc goes through 100% bit level error verification process and we guarantee zero failure in the field. We have a full in-house on demand printing to produce custom packaging to suit your business needs.


Rimage Video Protect – a robust DVD Video Copy protection

Acutrack recommends Rimage Video Protect™ (RVP) as an ideal copy protection solution for DVD Video disc. This highly secure solution is ideal when you require a short batch of DVD Video or utilizing Acutrack’s “Media on Demand” services.

The digital content industry utilizes several copy protection and anti-piracy methods to guard digital content. To protect content distributed on DVD-Videos there are three main techniques:


CSS encryption/decryption, which is built into every DVD player. This is the most commonly used method for replicated DVDs when produced in large quantity. The content is encrypted and software on the player decodes the fixed rules on the fly while being played back. Unfortunately, this technology can be cracked.


"Bad Sector" schemes, which deliberately place bad sectors of information into the DVD itself that cause copying software to correct the errors. Standard DVD players usually ignore these sectors and play through them. Special players look for these bad sectors to play the DVD and will inhibit playback if it sees a copied disc with the corrected errors.


Content Alteration is the most recent type of copy protection that attempts to disable copying and ripping programs without impacting the original content of the DVD. This type of copy protection maintains the highest level of playback compatibility and doesn't require on special hardware or software on the user end.


Rimage Video Protect™ (RVP) is a form of Content Alteration. It guards against unauthorized copying and ripping of DVD content by encapsulating data files in areas of the DVD disc that are not read during playback. This solution not only leaves playback compatibility uncompromised, but it also leaves the original media content unmodified.


Since RVP™ is a passive form of protection is does not require the player or content to be loaded with tracking software or heavy code. This also means that a minimal amount of space is required to utilize the protection, allowing a maximum amount of space on the DVD for the original content.


Value Propositions: Quick, Better, and Cost Effective

Acutrack’s goal has been to serve Software Companies to help them distribute their software on physical products whether in the retail channel or fulfilled as backup CD’s. We offer many propositions which allow for quicker, better, and more cost effective products.

We are able to offer turnaround times to meet your demanding timeline for product delivery, as well as intelligent inventory management to maximize cash flow. We can manage the component level inventory based on your forecast which reduces the overall inventory cost as well.

We have complete solution in-house, which ensures consistency between product and print quality. Our teams work with various vendors to provide the most effective resource, manage your job so you have consistent print results, and be able to expedite your job with the best resources.

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Acutrack has a lot More to Offer than what is seen on the Surface

There is a lot more to Acutrack than just being another media production. Our goal has been to serve Software Companies to help them distribute their software on physical products whether in the retail channel or fulfilled as backup CD.

The qualities, values and policies that are instilled in this company allow for quicker, better, and more cost effective products.

We allow for complete online order tracking and inventory management. This allows for the customer to always be sure of where their order stands, the time it will take for it to be shipped, the process it is currently going through, etc. There will never be a doubt whether your order has actually gone through or if it still pending: you will always be able to track this.

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Sending DVD screens in a cost effective mail package

DVD’s are optical storage devices. They are most often used to store video and data. These are one of the most popular ways that movies are bought and sold on the market. Today there are a myriad of products that utilize this technology. Film producers and distributors often produce limited numbers of DVD’s to release to specific audiences in order to get feedback regarding the product before the final edits are prepared for wide-spread distribution. Private individuals and small businesses can also use internet companies to produce small numbers of DVD's that can be used to test whether the product will sell in a particular market.

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