New Packaging Design Helps Productivity

by Antony

Here at Acutrack, we are always looking to improve. Our packaging team is proud to present the new software packaging corrugated tray. This simple, innovative, and eco-friendly tray solves many issues -

First and foremost, it provides the strength and sturdiness to the software box. This ensures that your product will be protected from any potential damage from the assembly line, to the retailers, and into your customer’s homes.  The corrugated tray is also very user friendly, keeping all packaging items secure and together clutter-free.

During the launch of the product, when we have to assemble thousands of boxes, the software tray gives our assembly team an effortless packaging procedure that allows assembly of the product up to three times faster than before. This helps not only to complete packaging together an order in a timely manner, but also to pass on the cost effective benefit to our customers. Additionally, all items are secured in the tray and easy for the quality assurance team to review them before closing the box.

We do what we can to create a more user friendly, cost effective, and quality assured product with the customer in mind. If you have any questions regarding our new software packaging tray, or would like more information on any of our services, please feel free to reach out to us.