DVD Production and Content Management Mistakes NOT to Make

by Asheesh Barman

As Acutrack continues to work with clients an interesting trend has emerged reflecting growing complexities related to managing CD and DVD production, as well as the production and management of other content such as CD or DVD, movies, music, software intended for your target audiences.

“Our customers are up against many challenges, including the fact that typically the CD or DVD is just one component of a larger project," said Todd Shur, vice president of sales of Acutrack, Inc. “Multiple pieces are procured via several vendors, so there are growing complexities to managing content, period.”

Shur continued, stating that for example, most of the company's customers have from five to ten employees, versus hundreds or thousands of employees, and they are responsible for poducing several different pieces that need to be managed along with the manufacturing of CD or DVD.  This might include brochures, manuals, user agreements, data sheets, stationary, or presentation folders and press and sales kits.  There are digital or offset printed materials and packaging that are all procured through several vendors.

Acutrack can come in and assist with these tasks and quality control issues.  ONe example is that if a manual is produced by one company and the CD is produced by another vendor there may be no cohesiveness between the two so colors don't match.  There are also shipping logistics.  It is difficult to manage quality control when production is in the hands of several companies.   Plus, shipping, coordination and the logistics of managing a multitude of vendors is usually the responsibility of only one person managing it all in an organization.

It is best to have someone like Acutrack handle it all to help keep branding in check, and when that is being controlled, marketing and strategic sourcing love it. This is one stop shopping that leverages their spending so they get the best bang for their buck. It’s all tied under one umbrella that they can order off of one storefront or in reality, an Acutrack e-commerce site that is basically accessing an online catalog. People can actually go online and access the specific content that they need.

The internal audience is usually the sales team, or corporate communications teams who need sales and corporate collateral, such as business letterhead and cards.  Whereas VARS can get their own versions of materials needed and external customers can go in and get what you want them to see and order.  Then of course there are materials for HR, training, and the technical department.

Acutrack's On Demand Production is a system that allows our customers to manufacture CDs and DVDs on an "as needed" basis, eliminating the up-front costs normally associated with CD/DVD production.  We create custome CDs and DVDs one at a time and ship them world-wide directly to your clients.  All you need is a webstore, shopping cart/e-commerce and your product(s).  Check out our effortless-commerce, an e-commerce solution that anyone can use and it’s set up based on the company’s rules.