Blu-Ray Brilliance Starts in the Authoring Process

by Antony

Standard DVD technology has been around long enough to see home user gain the ability easily produce a decent home movie, slide show, or data backup. The same cannot be said for the blu-ray authoring process. Blu-ray discs, with their 25GB-50GB of storage capacity, offer a completely new experience to the end user, and require an enhanced set of skills to take advantage of what they have to offer.

Blu-ray authoring affords the producer the opportunity to present over 9 hours of 1080p high-definition video. The presentation of that data holds an almost infinite number of choices to be made along the way in the authoring process. Unlike standard DVD technology, Blu-ray authoring goes beyond simple scenes, chapters, and static bonus features. With Blu-ray, you have the ability to introduce custom pop-ups and features like slide shows with uninterrupted soundtracks. Consumers who have upgraded from standard DVD to Bluray are specifically looking for the features that go beyond what they are used to seeing on standard DVD.

The stories told by filmmakers are often layered in complexities that do not always make it to the end of the editing process. While directors cuts and alternate endings are not uncommon, with Bluray you have the storage capacity to offer completely different versions of your content with commentary or even special edition subtitles providing insight into the decision making process that produced each version in detail. Of course, too much of a good thing can overwhelm. Being able to organize all of those choices in a way that draws the viewer in and entertains falls to the blu-ray authoring service.

Simply knowing how to author blu-ray discs is not enough to meet the exacting standard of today's content producers. Movie studio and games designers spend years and millions of dollars bringing their visions to the screen. The culmination of that work is brought to life by a team of professionals who author blu-ray discs that show off the work that is gone into the product. By leveraging all Bluray has to offer in the way of features, video, and sound quality, the authoring service ensures the end user experience meets the artist’s vision in every way.

There are dozens of how-to styled tutorials written and posted detailing the challenges associated with authoring Bluray discs. Along with the written content, there are nearly as many videos posted by ambitious would be blu-ray authors that claim to show just how it is done. Unfortunately, there are so many tips and tricks being published because the process of producing a Hollywood worthy product is not at all simple. Consumer grade software and home pc based tools can author blu-ray discs, but the result will rarely come close to what you get when working with an experience blu-ray authoring service.