Back up CDs generate more revenue… a lot more… I have proof!

by Raj Barman

Last weekend my cousin came to visit and wanted to take a tour of Acutrack to see what we do. During the tour, when I was showing him how our zero inventory, positive cash flow providing, on-demand CD/DVD production model works, he noticed a back up CD for Panda Software and immediately exclaimed, “Hey, I just got a CD exactly like that one. You guys make those here?!?” After I told him that we not only make the back-up CDs for Panda Software but also manufacture, store and fulfill their retail software boxes in the US, he excitedly proceeded to tell me the following story.

“So, I was sitting at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport browsing the internet when because of the performance of my laptop, I thought I may have a virus. Having heard horror stories from my classmates, I decided to purchase and download an antivirus software right away. After a quick search, I decided to purchase and download Panda Antivirus Pro 2009. It had good reviews and only cost about $24. When I went to check-out from their shopping cart, I saw an option for a backup CD for another $12. Normally, I am pretty thrifty, but this logically seemed like a great idea especially since I was downloading the software directly to my laptop at an airport. If something happened to my laptop, I would lose the software that I just paid for too. So I decided to buy the back up CD as well. Five days later I received my back up CD and it was cool because it not only had my license key printed on it but also had my name and my address printed on it. I had never received a product especially customized for me; so I decided to show it to my roommate. My roommate saw the CD and was also looking for a good antivirus program; so he decided to buy the software for his laptop also. He also ordered the cool back up CD by the way. In a few weeks of showing off our custom CD, about six other students ended up buying the same antivirus software in my dorm. I just had no idea that you guys were making and mailing these back up CDs. This is so cool! I can’t wait to get back and tell my friends that I saw how and where these CDs are made. Too cool!” It’s very interesting that I was recently giving a presentation on how software companies and their e-commerce partners can increase revenue per download sale using our back up CD solution. This anecdote not only proves that but also shows how custom branding the back up CD as Acutrack does further enhances the value of the product and leads to more sales. This is definitely, “Too cool!” Until next time…