Acutrack’s On Demand Backup CD/DVD Production

by Asheesh Barman

Let’s start with a scenario that most computer users have faced at least once – imagine that your old PC is getting too slow to handle all the new and shiny applications and programs that have hit the Web lately, and you decide it’s time to upgrade to a new computer. After some research, you settle on the latest machine and you feel great when you bring it home and unpack it.

As you start activating the computer and its operating system…it dawns on you…what about all the software that you have on your old PC…the applications that you absolutely cannot do without…the ones critical to your home-office and your daily bookkeeping?! You can’t possibly lose that, can you?

If the above picture is anything your customers might find themselves in, well, don’t worry…we have a solution!

For many customers, Backup CDs fulfill these two requirements perfectly.

Normally, when your customers encounter a situation where they need to reinstall your software, they must rediscover the product's download link and sift through old email to find their activation codes. Or in frustration, they might just contact you directly for support. Instead of dealing with this potentially frustrating experience, Acutrack Backup CD buyers can easily reinstall software undone by hardware upgrades, virus attacks, computer failures, and more.

Acutrack's “On Demand” service provides an easy and rapid method to publish your content and fulfill your customer's needs. It's an ideal way to make your content available without incurring the upfront costs typically associated with manufacturing and inventory management. It takes care of shipping and manufacturing, thereby, enabling the customers to focus more on selling and marketing their products. We produce and ship your products on an order by order basis; you only pay for product that you sell!

Backup CDs typically contain the latest version of the purchased software product and the buyer's activation code. If you desire, you may modify your CDs to include value-added content and material. Here are some ideas for growing your business through Backup CDs.

  • Trial versions of all your software products on your Backup CDs
  • Enhanced discs with "special edition" features not available anywhere else
  • Exclusive promotions and discounts to Backup CD customers
  • Personalized Gift CDs and DVDs
  • Eliminate having to manage and keep track of inventory

Backup CDs offer an array of options for providing buyers with a more enjoyable experience while growing your business with additional profit. And most importantly, they eliminate the frustration and worry of losing software applications, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and repeat business.