Acutrack has a lot More to Offer than what is seen on the Surface

by Antony

There is a lot more to Acutrack than just being another media production. Our goal has been to serve Software Companies to help them distribute their software on physical products whether in the retail channel or fulfilled as backup CD.

The qualities, values and policies that are instilled in this company allow for quicker, better, and more cost effective products.

We allow for complete online order tracking and inventory management. This allows for the customer to always be sure of where their order stands, the time it will take for it to be shipped, the process it is currently going through, etc. There will never be a doubt whether your order has actually gone through or if it still pending: you will always be able to track this.

We deploy Quality System based on ISO 9600, with in line quality control.Acutrack controls our quality by combining ISO 9600 standards with in-line tracking.  Each stage in tracked so quality is not sacrificed.

Acutrack’s highly experienced employees work with various vendors to provide the most effective resources, manage your job so you have consistent print results, and be able expedite your job with the best resource. We ensure extreme consistency between product and print quality.