Media Production

Process of Disc Replication

Safeguard your Interest before Choosing a Disc Replicator Vendor for your Project

A disc replicator who is helping with your CD Replication or DVD replication project has to adhere to critical steps to ensure that discs are replicated with consistent quality every single time. In order to win business and the pressure to lower cost, many replicators now are choosing to produce inferior disc replication. If you are choosing a good disc replicator, it is best to go with an organization who are experienced and have a track record. A good disc replicator should be able to provide you replicated discs where every disc works in the field, each disc has a consistent print quality and no cracking or breaking of discs in the field. Then, there is a broader issue regarding adult content. As many as 50% of the replicators accept jobs that would be categorized as pornography, and this often leads to horror stories abound of products getting “commingled” at such plants. To ensure the integrity of your job, when choosing a replication company, it is critical to know their acceptance policies in regards to such materials. Our goal is to educate you on the disc replication process so you can make sure that your replicator is serving you well.

DVD Replication
  • Disc Premastering: Disc premastering ensures the disc content provided meets the proper ISO standards when it is organized on the disc. Replicated discs must conform to the strict “Red Book” manufacturing guidelines to consistent quality and playability. A replicator should test the disc for logical file structure, readability issue and verify the master bit by bit before production. Also, to protect interest of all parties, the replicator has the responsibility to review the content against any copyright violation.
  • Glass Mastering: Once the content has been verified, it is time to make a glass master. A glass master is a stamper mold which is covered with a photosensitive layer and engrave disc content with a laser light. To help fight against piracy, the replication plant must engrave its International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) number on every glass disc it produces. Before mass producing, a check disc should be produced and tested to ensure that the replicated discs has the right reflectivity and readability.
  • Disc Replication: Disc replication is a physical production process that involves actually pressing the discs during manufacture from a glass master - the injection molding of clear optical-grade polycarbonate substrates (clear discs) from the nickel stamper. The process also involves the metallizing and lacquering of those polycarbonate substrates to produce a perfect copy. Some plants choose to go with recycled polycarbonate to save money which could results in creating brittle discs which could crack in the field. Replicated disc then go through the print process either on silkscreen printing press or offset disc printing press.
  • ID Checking of final product: Now, the final quality control. It is not uncommon that disc mixing can happen in replication or printing process due to machine or human error. To ensure that there is no product mix up, a good disc replicator house must have infrastructure to fast disc scanning equipment. These disc scanner sorts out the discs either by image comparison or ID identification which are encoded on the back of the disc during glass mastering process.

In conclusion, a professional replicator should avoid producing adult content, safeguard your interests, and replicate your discs with the highest quality.

Raj Barman

On Demand Explained

“CD/DVD On Demand” Demystified

Just as book publishers offer print-on-demand as an option to fill customer's orders without amassing inventory, we offer a similar business model: CD/DVD On Demand or Manufacturing-On-Demand (MOD). This on-demand manufacturing service allows you to manufacture a disc package when you need one and to fulfill directly to your end-user. We integrate with your eCommerce or ordering system which makes the entire process seamless and truly automated. You manage sales and we become a production and fulfillment extension of your business - your invisible business partner.

“CD/DVD On Demand” has no inventory, no forecast, and no upfront manufacturing cost. We produce a disc package when you receive an order transaction. There is always a positive cash flow for you. You can easily change your products, discontinue them, create new ones or even customize each individual package. It is the ideal solution for those items on your media catalog where you have no forecast or where you would like to customize each package with any variable data such as a customer name, picture, or activation code.
“CD/DVD On Demand” has no inventory, no forecast, and no upfront manufacturing cost. We produce a disc package when you receive an order transaction. There is always a positive cash flow for you. You can easily change your products, discontinue them, create new ones or even customize each individual package. It is the ideal solution for those items on your media catalog where you have no forecast or where you would like to customize each package with any variable data such as a customer name, picture, or activation code.
  • Acutrack - A Production and Fulfillment Extension of Your Business: This statement is not just some cool marketing gimmick, it is a business philosophy that differentiates us from other businesses. You sell your products to your web site, Amazon marketplace, or to your fan base at Facebook. We integrate with your order system, receive order transaction as you get paid, print and fulfill your order and become a production and fulfillment extension of your business. You control your marketing strategy to promote your business. When you sell a product we are your turnkey fulfillment partner not just for Disc On-Demand, but to help you fulfill your entire product line.
  • Integration with Acutrack: Our goal is to integrate with your marketplace so when you receive an order the order transaction details automatically get posted to us. We then fulfill your order and update the status in your marketplace. We are integrated with a large number of eCommerce platforms, Amazon, and Etsy marketplaces. f you are using a custom shopping cart you can then integrate to post order using our XML API or we can find ways to support and integrate with you. We also provide a complete web based customer portal where you can manually manage all aspects of order management, upload order via spreadsheet, and view your entire order history.
  • Product Packaging Explained: Our product quality has retail finish. Discs are printed with photo-realistic image quality where the artwork does not smudge, scratch, or fade. Additionally, print inserts are produced with the latest digital print technology. Our On-Demand solution has limited packaging choices. You can choose either a simple packaging (paper sleeve, clam shell) or retail packaging (DVD case or jewel case). Retail packaging (Jewel case and DVD case) gets assembled with your custom printed cover-wrap and inserts. DVD case packages are available in different configuration with black, white or clear case and can hold up to 12 discs in a multi-disc case.

    We help you with product setup in our system. You provide us with your content and artwork and we configure them. We not only make it easy but also ensure that your product is setup correctly in our system. For advanced users, you can also post product details using our XML API.

  • Process Flow: Your orders are processed as we receive them. Express shipping orders automatically get prioritized. Most orders get processed within twenty four hours and are guaranteed processed within seventy two hours. You can choose to ship through any service including USPS, UPS or FedEx. You control different shipping methods which you would like to offer to your client and decide whether you want to ship a product via USPS media mail, first class, or FedEx next day service, etc. We produce and fulfill these orders based on your passed shipping instructions using our shipping account. We invoice you at the end of the month for all transactions posted during the month.
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What You Ought to Know About DVD Duplication?

With the World Wide Web becoming the preferred platform for business transactions, digital distribution is the natural option to offer your product online. However, there is no reason why you would not want to offer physical DVD in conjunction with digital download. For example, an online entrepreneur who maintains a yoga website may have different video recordings. If the website entices a good number of followers, it will become a need for the business to offer both digital download as well as DVD for all their video content. Websites that are also dedicated in marketing music, inspirational talks, life skills, and others have to make content available both digitally and on duplicated DVD. To respond to the increasing media on demand of customers, many companies that are selling such products need the services of firms specializing in duplicating DVDs.


UV Curing is an environmentally friendly practice

It is our commitment to sustainable practices; Acutrack print uses UV curing process.

Ultraviolet curing (commonly known as UV curing) is an environmentally friendly technology. It is a clean technology that minimizes or eliminates the VOC emissions commonly associated with other curing technologies.

UV curing is a photochemical process in which high-intensity ultraviolet light is used to instantly cure or “dry” inks, or coatings. This offers many advantages over traditional drying methods, UV curing has been shown to increase production speed, reduce reject rates, improve scratch and solvent resistance, and facilitate superior bonding.

UV curable inks and coatings were first used as a better alternative to solvent-based products. Conventional heat- and air-drying works by solvent evaporation. This process shrinks the initial application of coatings by more than 50% and creates environmental pollutants. In UV curing, there is no solvent to evaporate, no environmental pollutants, no loss of coating thickness, and no loss of volume. This results in higher productivity in less time, with a reduction in waste, energy use and pollutant emissions.


New Packaging Design Helps Productivity

Here at Acutrack, we are always looking to improve. Our packaging team is proud to present the new software packaging corrugated tray. This simple, innovative, and eco-friendly tray solves many issues -

First and foremost, it provides the strength and sturdiness to the software box. This ensures that your product will be protected from any potential damage from the assembly line, to the retailers, and into your customer’s homes.  The corrugated tray is also very user friendly, keeping all packaging items secure and together clutter-free.

During the launch of the product, when we have to assemble thousands of boxes, the software tray gives our assembly team an effortless packaging procedure that allows assembly of the product up to three times faster than before. This helps not only to complete packaging together an order in a timely manner, but also to pass on the cost effective benefit to our customers. Additionally, all items are secured in the tray and easy for the quality assurance team to review them before closing the box.

We do what we can to create a more user friendly, cost effective, and quality assured product with the customer in mind. If you have any questions regarding our new software packaging tray, or would like more information on any of our services, please feel free to reach out to us.