DVD is Not Dead

DVD should be an integral part of your content distribution

The decline of DVDs has been significant in the last few years, but does this mean that will soon go away like video cassette? DVD for video and digital content is still a major player. The rise of digital distribution has been significant and has to be an important part of any organization’s content strategy. While digital distribution is cheaper to deploy and an important revenue stream, it is just one piece of the puzzle. DVD should continue to be an integral part of your distribution if the content holder wants to maximize revenue and take the whole pie.

DVD on demand

While digital distribution is powerful and important, DVD will continue to play an important role. DVD on-demand production and fulfillment gives you an option to get their content on DVD which allows for brand exposure and increased revenue. DVD isn’t dead, it is here to stay.

  • DVD plays a vital role: Consumers remain hungry for content, but are finding more and more avenues to it. Electronic Sell-Through (EST), Subscription Video-On-Demand (SVOD) or Transactional VOD have all amounted to the same pie, just sliced into more pieces. DVD is no more dead than the single-screen movie theatre or the hardcover book, both play a diminished but still vital role in the ecosystem.
  • Digital download has its shortcomings: It is true that mobile devices and tablets are being used for streaming, but when it comes to long-term usage, DVD is simply a better value. Watching movie on disc will remain the best and most reliable way to travel. We are still a long time away when every car has its own wi-fi hotspots or reliable and cheap network when you travel in airport, plane or hotels.
  • Combo-pack is now an industry cornerstone: When a consumer pays for a product it is crucial to reward the customer with multi-platform content. That means if you buy a disc you also get a digital copy. This multi-platform concept is very common in print industry. You subscribe to TIME magazine in print and you have an option for digital download for free. Rather than selling a digital download for $20 and a DVD copy for $20, you offer a combo-pack for $25. This concept is now an industry cornerstone and rewarding to both the consumer and content holder. Consumers don’t have to make the critical choice between digital or physical and as a content holder, you have an increased revenue.
  • Offer DVD on-demand in conjunction with digital download: DVD on-demand production and fulfillment is very similar to digital distribution. When you are offering digital downloads, there is no reason why you would not want to offer physical DVDs as well. DVD on-demand gives you the option to produce & fulfill DVD only when requested. Similar to digital distribution, there is no inventory, no upfront cost and no hassle. Give your consumer all the options, and it helps you to win the entire pie. Using Acutrack On-Demand, there isn’t a cheaper way to get your content to your customers on a physical product.
  • Great way to market your brand and products: DVDs are the standard. Everyone knows how to use them and has a way to play them in their homes. DVDs allow beautiful printing on both the disc and the DVD case. This is a great medium to wow your customers with something they can hold in their hands. Most importantly, DVDs allows you to promote your brand. DVD packaging can be personalized with your signature or client’s name. Many organization creates promotional DVD package with bonus content, limited edition, collector’s edition or expanded edition for marketing incentive. A physical product, like a DVD, produces a different experience and connection for customers.

They can touch and feel real ownership of a product. It is lot easier to sell a collector edition on DVD compared to collector edition as digital download.

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Shipping rate cost


Shipping rate cost increase of 2017

With 2017 comes a number of changes in shipping rates, which means that you must take some time to review your current cost and if needed make changes to your sales strategy. All three major carriers, FedEx, UPS and USPS, have changed their shipping prices. USPS has made significant changes on the prices of all their services and FedEx and UPS have made changes in the manner in which they calculate dimensional weight which in the end will affect you!

Impact of dimensional weight pricing from FedEx
FedEx has made a major change in their dimensional weight calculations. Dimensional weight reflects a package’s density, which is the amount of space a package occupies in relation to its actual weight. For each shipment, your charge is based off the dimensional weight or actual weight of the package — whichever is greater. It is best to place the dimensions of your package on FedEx’s weight calculator  which can be found on the FedEx website to calculate the actual weight. FedEx’s dimensional weight applies to both FedEx Express and FedEx Ground packages. When it comes to dimensional weight pricing, you have three options: accept the new rating method and pass the cost on to customers, reduce package size where possible without damaging merchandise, or explore an alternative shipping carrier. For example, the US Postal Service does not factor in dimensional weight into shipping cost.

USPS takes liberty to increase cost in less than one lb.
It’s important to remember that USPS talks about a one to two cost percentage increase, but this is only an average number. Based on the type of mail service you use, the cost could be higher or lower from the average increase. You need to look at the class, weight, zone, density, and special services required to see the true impact. USPS has a complete monopoly in the less than one pound market and they have taken the liberty to increase the cost from 0.4% to as much as 17.8%

We at Acutrack make it a priority to educate you about the changes and give you a comparative cost analysis so you know the current cost and also the best carrier for your shipping needs. You may check the latest price on Acutrack’s shipping calculator or speak to Acutrack’s support team who can assist you with your product fulfillment needs

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What Makes A Good Fulfillment Partner


The Importance of Finding the Right Fulfillment Partner

When running a crowdfunding campaign you need a long term, fulfillment partner.  You need someone who can fulfill rewards to your backers and also be your partner to warehouse and support your future fulfillment needs.  Having the right fulfillment partner increases efficiency, flexibility to allocate your resources, and brings outside expertise to help save you money. Consider Looking For A Fulfillment Partner Early In The Planning Process Of Your Campaign

  • The Right Fulfillment Partner Should Help You Make Accurate Cost Projections. There are many costs issues to consider including reward procurement and shipping.  When you set a value for each reward make sure that it is at least break even to the cost of procuring and fulfilling the reward.   If the procurement and fulfillment costs are higher than the reward level your crowdfunding project will have serious negative financial implications.  A good fulfillment partner will assess the cost of fulfillment and the cost of shipping both domestic and international. Depending on the nature of your reward the right fulfillment partner will be able to guide you by suggesting the right shipping method.
  • The Right Fulfillment Partner Should Help You Improve Quality and Efficiency. When you run a crowdfunding campaign you know you will wear many hats.  And it can be tough because each aspect requires time and skill to handle the various levels of your campaign.  The right fulfillment partner can bring their expertise in package design, help you showcase your brand, choose a cost effective shipping carrier and work behind the scene to give your campaign needed quality and efficiency.  A good partner gives you the flexibility to pick and choose the services or support that you need. They can give you the quality and efficiency to save your time and let you and your team to focus on everything else.
  • The Right Fulfillment Partner Should Keep Your Project On Schedule. Your backers want you to stay on schedule.  Crowdfunding campaigns are notorious for delays and difficulties during manufacturing and order fulfillment, but many of those issues can be solved or at least they can be partially prevented through proper planning. Collaborating and working with your partners can help to keep everyone on the same schedule and allows for efficient assembly and shipment of whatever you’re delivering to your backers. Compare this to trying to do everything internally only to stretch your resources too thin and risk the relationships you’ve worked so hard to build.
  • The Right Fulfillment Partner Should Be A Trusted Partner That Can Grow With Your Business. Your crowdfunding campaign is the starting point of your business.  Hopefully, you have raised money that can take you from ground floor to top floor.  You need a fulfillment partner who can scale and expand as your operation grows.  It is easier and less risky to test the skill and flexibility of a fulfillment partner from the ground floor.  Establish the relationship early and as your business needs grow you will already have a trusted partner.

There are many benefits of outsourcing your fulfillment needs.   The most important aspect is finding a fulfillment partner who saves you time, brings efficiency, flexibility and a long-term partnership.  In all these areas Acutrack is a trusted partner who has a proven track record of being able to expand to meet their customers needs as their business grows, making them your ideal fulfillment partner for your business needs.

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USPS Media Mail

USPS Media Mail - A Smart Way to Fulfill Your Books or DVDs

It is common to ship a package with USPS First Class mail. It is mostly understood that USPS First Class mail is the most cost-effective way to ship small packages within the USA. This is true except most people do not realize that there is a cheaper method to ship educational materials such as books or DVDs and this class of service is Media Mail. Media Mail is a cost-effective option for those who send books, recorded music, and other media materials in bulk through the U.S. Postal Service. This service is ideally suited when you are selling Direct-to-Consumer or when Kickstarter creators ship books to fulfill their rewards.

Comparing Media Mail to First Class Mail: While Media Mail takes a little longer than First-Class Mail to arrive at its destination, it is offered at a much lower rate – making it a very attractive option. Based on today's rates (updated 07/10/2016); it costs $2.72 for the 1st lb. and $0.50 for each additional pound. These prices are very low compared to any other parcel shipping from USPS or any other shipping carrier.

USPS Audits to Make Sure Media Mail is Not Misuse: However, because the prices are so low, the Postal Service has instituted strict restrictions on what does and does not qualify as Media Mail. Keep in mind that the U.S. Postal Service has the right to inspect all items that are sent through the Media Mail classification. Anyone who sends a non-approved item through Media Mail runs the risk of being charged with mail fraud!

What qualifies as Media Mail?: Media Mail consists of the following:

  • Bound books containing at least 8 pages and NO advertising
  • Printed educational material used for testing
  • Printed educational reference charts designed to instruct or train individuals Printed sheet music – either bound or in sheet form
  • Manuscripts
  • Computer readable media including DVDs, CDs, videotapes
  • Medical information to be distributed to doctors, hospitals, medical schools and medical students (can be loose-leaf pages and in binders)

What is NOT considered Media Mail?: 

  • Periodicals such as magazines and newspapers
  • Photographs, photo albums, and pictures
  • Computer readable media including portable hard drives, thumb drives, flash drives, jump drives, and USB drives
  • Films and film catalogs sent to or from commercial theaters
  • Trading cards of any type (i.e.: baseball cards)

Media Mail is a U.S. Domestic Mail Class: It costs the same amount to ship a package anywhere in the USA. It also allows you to ship internationally only to "Armed Force" destinations or US territories. These are special addresses set up for people serving in the U.S. military. These addresses will usually include name, rank, unit or ship information and special "City, State" codes, as follows: City options APO (Army/Air Force Post Office) or FPO (Fleet Post Office) and State options such as AA (Armed Forces Americas), AP (Armed Forces Pacific) or AE (Armed Forces OTHER (Africa, Canada, Europe, Middle East).

Also, you can send Domestic mail (including Media Mail) to and from the U.S. Territories and Possessions listed below:

  • American Samoa
  • Baker Island
  • Canton Island
  • Caroline Island
  • Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands
  • Guam
  • Howland Island
  • Jarvis Island
  • Johnston Island
  • Kingman Reef
  • Koror
  • Marshall Islands
  • Midway Islands
  • Navassa Island
  • Palau Island
  • Palmyra Island
  • Puerto Rico
  • Virgin Islands
  • Wake Island

To sum things up, Media Mail is a cost-effective mail option to ship educational items commonly used for books and DVDs within the domestic USA or US territories or Armed force locations. If both the origin and destination address are not U.S. Domestic as stated, then this is International mail

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Copy protected USB Flash drives

Secure Your Intellectual Property with a Copy-Protected USB

Now, you can protect your Intellectual Property from illegal copying or duplication with a simple solution: Acutrack’s USB flash drive copy protection services. This copy protection innovation allows you to share your digital Intellectual Property data without any risk of Internet theft. Now you can have peace of mind when it comes to publishing and distributing your reports, documents, articles and videos, allowing others to access your content but preventing them from copying or distributing it further.
This is a stand-alone solution that does not require an Internet connection or authentication from an off-site server. Everything runs 100% from the flash drive itself. There is no software to install to view the files, and no administrator rights required: just plug in the drive and you can immediately access the content.

usb copyright DRM protection

Key Features of Acutrack’s USB Copy Protection Services:

    Our DRM (Digital Rights Management) security offers the following key features:
  • The content can be viewed, but it cannot be copied or shared.
  • Data and files cannot be deleted or formatted from the USB drive.
  • Copy-protected files formatted in PDF, html and text cannot be printed without permission, which means their dissemination is up to you.
  • Users cannot select content from one document and copy and paste it into another; this prevents users from performing a “select all” copy and paste from within a PDF.
  • Users cannot take screen grabs on Mac computers or perform print screens on Windows devices.
  • Files can be set to expire at a specific date and time, which is ideal for subscription-based applications
  • This solution is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers.
  • There is no software to install on the host computer because the protected content runs 100% from the flash drive.
  • Administrator rights are not required because nothing is installed on the host computer; this is ideal for large corporations and government agencies.

We Make It Easy
You provide us your content and requirements, and we deliver copy-protected USBs. You don’t have to buy any software or pay any licensing fees. There is no password protection or unlocking. We make it easy.
Fully Branded & Customized Packaging
Each USB flash drive is fully customized with your logo or product details, featuring full color printing on both sides of the flash drive. USBs are printed with superior quality UV print technology, which makes the print fade- and scratch-resistant. We offer two elegant packaging choices: a Clear Clam shell package and Tin case packaging.
Distribute Textbooks as Protected PDF Documents
Now you can electronically distribute your textbooks, flashcards or training documents via USB. Our USB copy protection solution is the only option to safeguard your intellectual data, produced as PDF files, from copying or distribution. We offer flexible options to make your data PDF-printable if needed and provide full security of your documents against copy and paste or screen prints.
Distribute Video Files as Protected MP3 Files
Deliver your training videos on a single USB flash drive, depending on file size. This not only helps save on mailing costs but also helps users to navigate all files from a single drive. If you have multiple video clips, we can also help create an interactive catalog with menu so users can select the video chapters from the menu and avoid navigating the USB flash drive. All MP3 files are fully safeguarded once the copy protection is in place.
Acutrack allows you to distribute your content on a fully secured USB flash drive. If you are distributing content, such as textbooks, training documents in PDF or training videos as MP3s, you have no control over digital distribution or via DVD. Most copy protection offered on DVD to protect PDF or MP3 files can be easily hacked, or users may find files too cumbersome when it comes to navigation and usability. Acutrack’s copy-protected USB is essentially the only solution to protect your Intellectual Property from theft and provides ease of use for your data’s end-users.

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